Ernest A Dahl: Induction charging system. Ralph B Pastoriza, February 10, 1976: US03938018 (220 worldwide citation)

A normal 117-volt, 60 cycle source is converted into a high frequency signal resulting in radiation of a substantial portion of the energy in the signal. A receiving coil is inductively coupled to the radiation over a given distance substantially less than a wave length of the high frequency signal ...

Roland E Blauer, Clarence J Durborow: Formation fracturing with stable foam. The Dow Chemical Company, Minerals Management, Head & Johnson, February 10, 1976: US03937283 (206 worldwide citation)

Stable foam within specified quality range is used as a fracturing fluid or to extend fractures in subterranean formations.

Anton Banko: Surgical instrument employing cutter means. Surgical Design Corporation, Darby & Darby, February 10, 1976: US03937222 (189 worldwide citation)

A surgical instrument including a cutter for removing objects from the body of a human or animal in vivo, such as the lens in the eye, in which a rotatable cutter is used having a shield through which irrigation fluid is applied to the eye and also through which material severed from the object can ...

Charles Roscoe Brummett, Ray Ned Shaak, Daniel Marshall Andrews: Catalyst for electroless deposition of metals. AMP Incorporated, Russell J Egan Esq, February 10, 1976: US03937857 (173 worldwide citation)

A solvent method for the metallization of a non-conductive surface with gold, nickel or copper is shown whereby on a substrate a thermosensitive coordination complex of palladium is deposited; the complex has the formula LmPdXn wherein L is a ligand or unsaturated organic radical, X is a halide, alk ...

Martin M Atalla, Alexander F Liu: Personal verification system. Atalla Technovations Company, A C Smith, February 10, 1976: US03938091 (158 worldwide citation)

A customer code word issuing machine is provided wherein a customer manually inputs to the machine his secret password. The machine encodes the password and displays his corresponding issued code word. A verification machine is provided which includes a dial or keyboard for manually inputting the cu ...

John W Jepson, Earle F Allen Jr: Golf club with polyurethane insert. Acushnet Company, Eyre Mann & Lucas, February 10, 1976: US03937474 (134 worldwide citation)

Golf clubs are provided with polyurethane inserts on the striking face. These golf clubs have been found to have advantage over standard golf clubs in that a golf ball hit with these clubs travels a greater distance, all other conditions being equal.

William W Bell III, Peter K Shizume: Data communication apparatus for use in a telephone system. Sperry Rand Corporation, Howard P Terry, Albert B Cooper, February 10, 1976: US03937889 (126 worldwide citation)

A data transmission system utilizing the telephone voice communication network for transmitting data between the location of a telephone subscriber's handset and a central station. A data transmitter is capacitively coupled to a bridge tap on the subscriber loop at the subscriber's handset and a dat ...

Hermann Haaga: Sweeper having at least one side brush. Craig & Antonelli, February 10, 1976: US03937174 (125 worldwide citation)

A sweeper having at least one laterally arranged side brush rotatably mounted about a rotational axis inclined with respect to the vertical axis of the sweeper and having bristles arranged in a pattern about the rotational axis, and a drive mechanism responsive to the lateral displacement of the swe ...

Ahti A Kosonen: Intrauterine contraceptive device. Outokumpu Oy, Brooks Haidt Haffner & Delahunty, February 10, 1976: US03937217 (121 worldwide citation)

An intrauterine contraceptive device, resembling the shape of T, deviating from that, however, by having in the end of a vertical arm a loop which is easy to compress for insertion and having in the upper end of the vertical arm two arms departing to opposite sides and jointed smoothly to the vertic ...

Ilse Zolle: Method for incorporating substances into protein microspheres. February 10, 1976: US03937668 (121 worldwide citation)

The subject matter of this invention is a process for solid albumin particles so that such spheric particles may act as a carrier for radioactivity, drugs, insecticides, dyes, metal salts, etc. In order to prepare such spheric particles, the substance to be incorporated therein is transformed into a ...