Harold Gregory Hutter: Coaxial electrical connector. Bunker Ramo Corporation, Fred Fisher, F M Arbuckle, February 3, 1976: US03936132 (169 worldwide citation)

This invention relates to a coaxial connector having an injection molded dielectric. The preferred embodiment of the invention is an improved insulated-from-ground panel connector having a onepiece molded body of an insulating material. The molded body has a rear portion shaped to coact with a suita ...

Laurence Joseph Thorpe: Television studio control apparatus. RCA Corporation, Eugene M Whitacre, Mason DeCamillis, February 3, 1976: US03936868 (167 worldwide citation)

This disclosure describes television studio control apparatus which permits caption or title information to be automatically faded into a video program signal and which further permits that information to be colored, if desired.

Peter Foldes: Multimode coupling system including a funnel-shaped multimode coupler. RCA Corporation, Edward J Norton, Robert L Troike, February 3, 1976: US03936838 (156 worldwide citation)

A multimode coupling system includes a funnel-shaped coupling member having one coupling aperture at the narrow end thereof, one larger coupling aperture at the larger end thereof, and a plurality of coupling apertures in the side wall thereof. A first and second of these side wall apertures lie in ...

Armin Elmendorf, Roland Etzold: Flexible wood floor covering. February 3, 1976: US03936551 (152 worldwide citation)

The invention pertains to a method of making a wood floor covering which is flexible and can be laid on concrete with a mastic using momentary pressure. Instead of the nominal 3/4-inch thickness of conventional strip hardwood floors, the floor covering is only about 1/10-inch thick. The finish on th ...

David Perlmutter: Automotive alternator and solid state regulator tester. Bauer Amer & King, February 3, 1976: US03936744 (148 worldwide citation)

A tester for a solid state voltage regulator includes two parallel branches available for interconnection to the two output contacts of the voltage regulator. The two branches both interconnect to the high voltage side of a battery. One of the branches includes a resistor in parallel combination wit ...

Salil K Das: Container bottom structure. Continental Can Company, H Lawrence Smith, Joseph E Kerwin, William A Dittmann, February 3, 1976: US03935955 (129 worldwide citation)

An improved bottom structure for plastic bottles of the type suitable for containing carbonated beverages. The outer surface of the bottom structure is formed with a central concave dome portion and a number of radial foot portions extending axially outwardly. The radial profile of each foot portion ...

Claude Francois Gaudy, Adrien Giraud, Claude J Tassin, Christian H Pech: Method and apparatus for moulding protective tubing simultaneously with bore hole drilling. Compagnie Francaise des Petroles, Sughrue Rothwell Mion Zinn & Macpeak, February 3, 1976: US03935910 (125 worldwide citation)

In a method of drilling a bore-hole, the bore-hole is protected against caving in as the drilling proceeds by the simultaneous moulding of a tubing on the bore-hole wall immediately above the drill tool. Preferably a sleeve is first moulded onto the bore-hole wall and the tubing is moulded onto the ...

Leon Doyen, Louis Doyen: Free-standing container. Karl F Ross, Herbert Dubno, February 3, 1976: US03935993 (122 worldwide citation)

A free-standing container has a pair of like coextensive and outwardly convex side walls whose opposite lateral edges are heat-sealed together along straight seams to form an upright tube whose top and bottom are closed by respective upper and lower end walls each formed with a fold extending betwee ...

Akio Yanagimachi, Takashi Uehara, Tetsuo Yamamoto, Hisakichi Yamane, Eiichi Sawabe, Takehiko Yoshino, Teruhiro Takezawa, Michio Masuda, Hiroaki Nabeyama, Masaaki Fukuda, Tatsuo Kayano: Signal transmission system for transmitting programed information such as programed instruction. Nippon Hoso Kyokai, Hitachi, Hitachi Electronics, Stevens Davis Miller & Mosher, February 3, 1976: US03936595 (121 worldwide citation)

A signal transmission system for transmitting programed information such as a programed instruction comprising at a transmitter end circuitry for producing a number of program materials and a control signal which is used at a receiver end to control the manner of sequentially connecting program mate ...

Mark Schubin, George Andersen: Secure television system. Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, February 3, 1976: US03936594 (117 worldwide citation)

A secure system for television transmission wherein a television signal is transmitted on one frequency channel and a composite high fidelity stereophonic audio signal is transmitted on a separate unrelated frequency channel. Unauthorized reception of the audio portion of the signal is prevented by ...