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A novel immunoassay is provided, as well as particular reagents, for determining the presence of a ligand. A Reagent is employed having at least two epitopes, one of the epitopes being common with the ligand, and the other epitopes being foreign to the ligand. The two epitopes are positioned in the ...

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A dielectric lens for a flared microwave horn, the lens correcting the phase error introduced in microwaves passing through the horn. The lens comprises a plurality of parallel dielectric discs disposed concentrically with the horn in the path of microwaves passing through the horn. The disc have di ...

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A flat cathode ray tube device is provided for display of information by response to an electron beam of a phosphor coating on a face plate. A monolithic structure includes an x-y matrix of electron source cathodes and a pair of grid arrays successively spaced from the matrix with holes therethrough ...

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Starch-containing polymer compositions are prepared which absorb amounts of water equaling up to more than 1000 times their own weight. The compositions find many applications including their incorporation into products such as disposable diapers, surgical pads and sheets, and paper towels.

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A gear hub for a bicycle has two co-operating epicyclic gear trains selectively connectable together to a drive input means and to the gear hub under the control of an axially fixed, manually actuable rotatable cam operating on various pawls through axially shiftable cam followers to give a requisit ...

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In the representative embodiment of the new and improved formation-testing apparatus disclosed herein, a wall-engaging sealing pad is arranged around the forward end of a normally open tubular probe which is adapted to be placed in communication with an adjacent earth formation and carries an extend ...

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Metals such as titanium alloy blanks which are subject to contamination by air at elevated temperatures are precision formed into desired shapes in a controlled environment. The metal worksheet and a shaping member are located within an enclosure. An inert gas environment is provided in the enclosed ...

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A dental implant includes a porous ceramic cup or ring filled with silicone rubber which supports an artificial tooth or other prosthetic device such as a denture. The jawbone grows into the porous ceramic to hold the implant firmly in place. The silicone rubber cushions the jawbone from shock cause ...

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An evacuated tube having both ends closed has a ball actuated resilient aperture type valve fixedly disposed between the ends for dividing the tube into upper and lower chambers. The valve is formed and arranged to provide a passageway between the upper and lower chambers when opened by the ball sub ...

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A flexible therapeutic anatomical support of form-fitting, compressive, heat-retaining elastic foam material, the supportive, compressive and movement-resisting forces of which are selectively reinforced and relieved, for supporting, protecting and resisting the movement of the muscles and skeletal ...