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There is disclosed a dentifrice which includes as a minor proportion thereof an admixture of a dipeptide sweetener and an acid-containing component which admixture is encapsulated or covered with a shell or coating through which the same does not penetrate substantially during storage of the dentifr ...

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A particulate dispersion of an alkali metal borate is prepared by contacting boric acid with an alkali metal carbonate overbased metal sulfonate within an oleophilic liquid reaction medium.

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An impact sensing detector for monitoring the operation of metal forming impact presses. The detector operates on an analog electric signal corresponding to the shock wave produced as the press ram impacts the fixed press platen and workpiece to produce a plurality of samples of the amplitude of sai ...

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A nonconsumable electrode for oxygen arc working, comprising a holder produced from copper or alloys thereof and an active insert fastened to the end face of the holder and which is in thermal and electrical contact with said holder through a metal distance piece disposed between the active insert a ...

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A system for converting solar radiation into useful electrical energy is vided. The system includes a silicon cell and solar radiation conversion means integral with or spaced from the silicon cell. The solar radiation conversion means is characterized by a band-emission spectrum that provides a goo ...

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Light whose wavelength is to be measured is applied to a device utilizing a light processing means which serves to transmit light to a detector array in a manner determined by its wavelength. The coded output of the detector array can thus immediately indicate the wavelength of the incoming light. I ...

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An osmotic dispenser is described which is capable of releasing to its outside environment concentrations of active agent at an osmotically controlled rate over a prolonged period of time, and the active agent content of which dispenser is formulated in a form other than wholly in solution, namely, ...

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A document transport and registration apparatus is provided comprising an idler roller and a frusto-conical drive roller which cooperate in pinching engagement to advance a document along a predetermined path. The drive roller is of flexible, resilient material which is deformed radially when advanc ...

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An electrosurgical device in which high frequency electrical energy powers a cutting electrode. Radio frequency energy is set up in a driver coil and a driven coil mounted in a handpiece. The driver coil energizes the driven coil to energize a surgical electrode connected to one end of the driven co ...

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A float valve assembly to be attached to a standard liquefied petroleum gas tank filler assembly and inserted into the interior of the tank at a predetermined distance whereby the foat closes a small valve located within the assembly when the liquid level in the tank reaches a desired point and the ...