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Absorptive devices, such as disposable diapers, presenting a dry surface feel to the user. The surface feel is obtained when the topsheet is a liquid impervious material provided with tapered capillaries of critical diameters and tapers, each capillary having a base in the plane of the topsheet and ...

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Detergent compositions are disclosed incorporating combinations of specified ethoxylated zwitterionic compounds with other types of surfactants and with detergent builders to give enhanced particulate soil removal.

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Antibiotic rapamycin is producible by culturing Streptomyces hygroscopicus NRRL 5491 in an aqueous nutrient medium. Rapamycin has antifungal properties. Methods for its preparation and use are disclosed.

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Synthetic material having a microstructure substantially corresponding to the microstructure of porous carbonate skeletal material of marine life and made up of hydroxyapatite or whitlockite is useful as a biomaterial. These synthetic materials are made by converting porous carbonate skeletal materi ...

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A device for distribution of playing-cards, the device comprising a cavity dapted to accommodate two packs of playing-cards arranged parallel to each other and in a side-by-side relationship, and pressure means adapted to press said two packs into contact with movable retainer means. The cavity is p ...

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A tilting, adjustable passenger seat back is provided with an angularly adjustable upper headrest section which has tilting linkage and a hinge connection to the upper part of the seat back such that when the back is in a generally upright position, the headrest section is back and out of the way of ...

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Water-in-oil emulsions containing a polymeric quaternary ammonium compound prepared by the condensation of 1,4-dihalo-2-butene and 1,4-bis-dimethylamino-2-butene as a biocidal agent, and wherein the emulsifying agent is an amine oxide.

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A method for the catalytically-supported thermal combustion of carbonaceous fuel comprising the adiabatic combustion of at least a portion of the fuel admixed with air in the presence of a solid oxidation catalyst at an operating temperature substantially above the instantaneous auto-ignition temper ...

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A fluid transfer umbilical assembly for use in a zero gravity environment, the umbilical being constructed and arranged to contain the end forces developed during pressurization of the umbilical, thereby preventing elongation or longitudinal growth, whereby the umbilical is maintained flexible to fa ...

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Particles coated with a solid, fusible resin are placed in a subterranean formation. At formation conditions, the resin first melts or softens, and then cures to an insoluble, infusible state. This bonds the particles together forming a permeable, self-sustaining structure in or adjacent the formati ...