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An improved process for electrophoretically coating polymer on an electrode comprising maintaining the electrode that is being coated with polymer at a temperature at least above that of the continuous phase for a time that is sufficient to produce a polymer film coating the electrode, that after ba ...

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A needle-suture combination is provided in which the suture has at its tip within a recess at the blunt end of the needle and extending to a segment adjacent the attachment of the suture to the needle, a cross-sectional area and a cross-sectional amount of suture material less than the cross-section ...

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Improved diaper assembly comprising a main pad assembly having an outer backing sheet, and an inner sheet with an absorbent material therebetween, and a selectively positionable auxiliary pad assembly movably secured to, or retained by, the main pad assembly. The auxiliary pad is selectively positio ...

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A pin for use in making the reflector includes an elongated snank of regular polygon outline and a cube-corner formation at one end. The cube axis of the cube-corner formation is at an angle other than zero degrees with respect to the pin axis. A group of such pins are assembled into a pin bundle fo ...

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Hair fixing compositions such as aerosol hair sprays and hair setting lotions containing as the film forming resinous binder therein an interpolymer derived from (1) N-alkyl acrylamides or methacrylamides, (2) acidic film forming comonomers, and (3) at least one polymerizable comonomer.

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Digitally encoded data such as stock and other market reports is multiplexed on to a television broadcast signal. In order to allow a lot of pages of data to be transmitted, the pages are transmitted at intervals such as 1-minute intervals. The receiver can be preset to display the data available at ...

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A contactless activity and respiration monitor is described which includes a resilient, capacitive pad, which may be a mattress, or a pad used with a mattress, having a capacitor therein responsive to the activity or respiration of a body lying on it. Electronic capacitance sensing circuitry is disc ...

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Method and apparatus for the low temperature intermittent or continuous destruction of microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria and fungi, in solid or liquid materials, expecially for decontamination of organic and biological fluids, wherein the material is subjected to the synergistic effect of com ...