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A drug delivery device for administering drug at a controlled rate for a prolonged period of time is disclosed. The device comprises a plurality of reservoirs containing drug distributed through a matrix. The reservoirs and the matrix are formed of materials permeable to passage of drug. The rate of ...

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This is an improved continuous process for producing a clean methane-rich gas stream without the concomitant formation of particulate carbon which would ordinarily decrease the efficiency of the process and shorten the life of the catalyst. By-product superheated steam is simultaneously produced at ...

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A uterine controlling forceps particularly useful for manipulation of the soft post-abortal or post-partum uterus during laparoscopic sterilization consists of a pair of tips gently curved to rise about 90.degree. to parallel side-by-side shank portions, a pair of generally rectilinear handle member ...

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A system for remotely reading, storing and transmitting the current reading of a plurality of utility meters to a central computer. Each remote location using a utility is fitted with a transponder which is connected to the various utility meters. The transponders are capable of receiving pulses fro ...

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A tubular member has a central longitudinal axial bore therethrough, a pointed elongated annular concavely bevelled implanting end and a charging end. The implanting and charging ends communicate with the bore. A first plunger having a solid pointed elongated annular concavely bevelled implanting en ...

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Biodegradable-environmentally degradable transplanter containers are formed from a biodegradable thermoplastic polymer, e.g., poly(epsilon-caprolactone) or poly(ethylene adipate), and an environmentally degradable normally-solid ethylene polymer based composition.

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It has been found that aqueous coating compositions comprising the reaction product of a partially-blocked organic polyisocyanate, an amine adduct of an epoxy group-containing resin and a catalyst for urethane formation can be electrodeposited. These compositions deposit on the cathode to provide co ...

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An inhaler for powdered medicaments comprises a housing having a chamber for receiving a capsule containing a dose of the medicament to be dispensed. A duct in the housing has one end open to the atmosphere and the other end of the duct has its outlet in a mouthpiece which may be inserted into the m ...

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There is disclosed a composition suitable for use as a pet litter additive which is moisture sensitive to release a fragrance. The composition is in the form of consolidated particles of a perfume agent and a solid excipient of molded, finely subdivided powder as a carrier therefor and including a b ...

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A composite roofing shingle includes a rectangular sheet having a butt portion which is divided into spacedapart tabs and an elongated strip which is secured to the butt portion underlying at least one of the tabs. In a first embodiment, the elongated strip is interwoven with successive tabs; in a s ...