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A device is disclosed comprised of a wall surrounding and forming a compartment for containing a useful composition of matter and having a passageway for dispensing the compostion. The wall is comprised in at least a part of a material permeable to an external fluid. The composition is soluble in th ...

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This invention relates to prosthetic joints of the type used to replace dysfunctional natural joints such as the shoulder, hip, and knee. Provision of an intermediate floating bearing element to which are rotatably engaged members which are in turn secured to the appropriate bone structures results ...

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The apparatus for the orthodontic treatment of teeth which form a dental arch includes a 0.016 inch by 0.022 inch rectangular arch wire, labial brackets having a 0.016 inch slot, buccal brackets having a 0.022 inch slot, and two-way buccal tubes. The two-way buccal tubes have a two-way slot for anch ...

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A drug dispensing apparatus for automatically dispensing one or more individual drug doses to a common collection area in accordance with input information which represents the unique medicinal needs of a patient. Each of the three embodiments disclosed includes a locked cabinet which houses a plura ...

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Disclosed herein is a patient ventilator apparatus having a pneumatic control system operable in three different modes wherein the apparatus assists the breathing of the patient, controls the patient's breathing in a timed manner, or operates in a combination assist/control mode according to certain ...

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A spreader instrument for use in spinal fusion surgery for separating adjacent vertebral bodies having a common bone assembly receiving hole pre-formed therein includes two elongated members pivotally attached intermediate their ends. A pair of partial-circularly shaped plates are attached to the pi ...

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Piperazine-based low molecular weight film-forming cationic polymer is employed in a cosmetic hair-conditioner composition comprising a solution of the polymer in amounts of about 0.1-5 weight percent of the composition in a solvent such as water, acidified water, or aqueous alcohol solution.

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Composite abrasive granules, in which fine, hard abrasive grains are distributed throughout a relatively softer metal oxide matrix, can be substituted for conventional abrasive grains. In a preferred method of manufacture, the abrasive grains are dispersed in a metal oxide gel, the gel dehydrated to ...

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A process for preparing irreversibly flocked magnetic particles, which process increases the versatility of the size-reduction process for the preparation of ferrofluids. The process comprises producing a ferrofluid in an aqueous carrier liquid with a dispersing agent by grinding coarse magnetic mat ...

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A protective covering is disclosed having at least one layer of synthetic polymeric microfibers bonded to at least one other layer of cellulosic fibers. The exposed microfibers exhibit a tendency to cling to other natural fibers found in clothing or other webs, while the exposed cellulosic fibers pr ...