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By electrically fusing a pin between the outer elements of a box hinge, and thereafter performing the hardening step, stresses which tend to cause instrument failures after a period of use are eliminated. Even if the pin fractures during use, the fact that it is fused to the outer elements of the bo ...

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A process for polymerizing a glycolide composition comprising heating a mixture of a substantially pure glycolide with certain small quantities of inositol and the polymeric material thus produced.

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The disclosure is directed to the method and structure of artifically inducing the return of arrested body functions caused by paralytic ileus and pain associated therewith after surgery or accidental trauma on the human body. The equipment is in the form of electronic circuits producing a generally ...

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Alkenyl succinic anhydrides are prepared by first thermally reacting olefinic polymers with maleic anhydride to a point short of complete reaction of all of the maleic anhydride and then continuing the reaction in the presence of a small amount of chlorine.

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A composition and process for waving or straightening hair by applying to it an aqueous solution of (1) a reducing agent capable of reducing the disulfide linkages in hair keratin and (2) a water soluble secondary or tertiary amine polymer or a polymer of diallylamine or a quaternary polymer of dial ...

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A ring applicator device for use in applying an elastic occluding ring to an anatomical tubular structure which comprises an inner cylinder slidably disposed within an outer cylinder, forceps means slidably disposed within said inner cylinder, means for moving said forceps means into and out of the ...

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Foam structures such as applicator pads for cleaning and other purposes are provided, that are formed from emulsified propellant compositions including a synthetic polymer in solution in a low boiling propellant and dispersed or emulsified in an organic liquid as the continuous phase. Such compositi ...

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A surgical instrument in the form of forceps especially adapted for use in trimming ears of dogs, and the like, has a pair of jaw members pivotally connected together for movement toward and away from one another. A pin is provided on one of the jaw members adjacent the pivot point thereof and arran ...

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Solid state chopper circuits for alternating-current or direct-current loads use only high frequency filtering and electronically shape the line current to obtain a high power factor. The control circuit generates a reference signal which is shaped according to a selected control function and also d ...

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A cycle carrier for mounting upon the flat bed of a truck, trailer or van which has longitudinally extending, upstanding, substantially parallel side walls along the sides of the bed comprises longitudinally extending, upwardly opening channel-shaped members having a slot in the web thereof for rece ...