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A medical electrode uniquely adapted for use as an endocardial electrode. An electrical conductor is encased in a material which is generally inert to body fluids and terminates at an exposed electrically conductive tip. A plurality of pliant tines extend from the electrode adjacent the tip and form ...

Hightower Robert E: Aircraft indicator system. Klarquist Sparkman Campbell Leigh Hall & Whinston, September 2, 1975: US3902687 (224 worldwide citation)

A tactile indicating system for aircraft includes a seat cushion provided with left and right vibrators which indicate to the pilot the deviation from a course selected via a radio navigational aid receiver. If the pilot is off course, one of the vibrators is actuated for indicating the corrective a ...

Witt Alvin E, Breault Homer: Dimensionally-stable, resilient floor tile. Atlantic Richfield Company, Ewbank John R, September 2, 1975: US3902293 (170 worldwide citation)

A multilayer floor tile is so dimensionally stable that large gymnasiums can be floored with it while achieving sufficient resilience to be suitable as a basketball floor. The bottom layer imparts durable resiliency because it is a sheet molded from a tangled network of thermoplastic fibers containi ...

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A pencil beam of X-rays scans an object along a line of direction before an X-ray detector to produce an image of the line along a picture tube. By relatively displacing the object scanned and the line of scan in a direction transverse to the line of scan, a sequence of lines appear on the display t ...

Pack George J: Solar cell connections. Hughes Aircraft Company, MacAllister W H, Sternfels Lewis B, September 2, 1975: US3903427 (123 worldwide citation)

The 10 percent increase in useful power from a photocell area without increasing the size or weight of the cell and with the capability to decrease the temperature of the cells themselves due to elimination of some of the power losses is obtained by taking the front leads through the cell to its bac ...

Guichard Paul: Portable respiratory apparatus. Jacquet Felicien, Haseltine Lake & Waters, September 2, 1975: US3902486 (115 worldwide citation)

A portable nasal diffuser comprising a respiratory assembly having a nasal mask to be worn over the nose, or two sleeves to be inserted into the nostrils of a user, the assembly being provided with two apertures constituting air inlet and outlet apertures respectively. First and second respective va ...

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A mechanical joint for a leg brace having portions attachable to the leg above and below the knee joint and interconnected by a link. The spaced ends of the brace portions and the opposite ends of the link are shaped to provide bearing plates which are secured together by movable pivot means. This p ...

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A fluidic control system for use in irrigation and aspiration of the anterior chamber of the eye during ultrasonic emulsification of a cataract therein. The system comprises a handpiece with an (ultrasonically vibrated) hollow tip, the hollow tip being connected to the fluid withdrawal or aspirating ...

Commisso Nicholas D: Covered food container. Mobil Oil Corporation, Huggett Charles A, Tierney James D, September 2, 1975: US3902540 (106 worldwide citation)

A food container comprising a tray section having a cover section of the same material is formed with secure latches constituted by portions of a strengthening rim on one of the sections which cooperate with slots in a depressed flute on an opposed section when the container is closed.

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A suction surgical instrument combining the functions of removing liquids and/or tissue from the operation area and of coagulating tissue. A suction shaft of an electrically insulating material and modifications of a coagulating electrode positioned at the suction port prevent traditional clogging o ...