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An apparatus for automatically monitoring critical body functions of one or ore patients by means of telemetry restricted to the use of a single assigned RF carrier frequency. A logic circuit provides for generating a synchronized coded word for interrogating a transponder. The transponder has sensi ...

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A subscription television system, in which secure television signals modulated on carriers not directly receivable by a standard television set are impressed upon a master cable system extending to subscriber stations having converter means to receive selected secure channels. Each subscriber statio ...

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A telephone number calling unit is programmed by a computer to dial data calls to selected telephone numbers by operating telephone line switching circuitry to connect a selected set of telephone lines to the computer through centrally located telephone test trunk circuitry and a meter reading trans ...

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A structural body is monitored in angular position about at least one axis by utilizing a level sensor and a sensor responsive to angular motion of the body about the axis being monitored. An output indicative of long term angular variations of the body about the axis is provided by the level sensor ...

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A chair comprised of a fully enclosed, large, flexible bag which is partially filled with a plurality of resilient polystyrene pellets, commonly referred to as a 'bean-bag' and a supporting structure adapted to maintain the bean-bag above the floor at a level which is normal for sitting, thereby enh ...

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Gas separation membranes are made from aromatic polyimides, polyesters and polyamides in which the repeating unit of the main polymer chainA. has at least one rigid divalent subunit, the two main chain single bonds extending from which are not colinear,B. is sterically unable to rotate 360.degree. a ...

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A system for indicating the integrity of a normally sealed package utilizes a sensor containing a pH sensitive dye which displays a first color at normal atmospheric pH and a second color above normal atmospheric pH. An artificial atmosphere containing a basic gaseous material, which maintains the d ...

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Compositions comprising (I) reaction products of (A) adducts of certain dihaloalkanes and polyalkylenepolyamines and (B) certain epihalohydrins, (II) polyanionic phosphorus compounds and (III) water. Such compositions may be added to cellulosic substrates to increase wet and dry strength.

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A scanning optical reader illuminates and reads data from labels of items on a conveyor. The optical reader is aligned within the extended vertical envelope of the conveyor. The reader comprises a polarized light source for illuminating the label and a detector which is cross-polarized with respect ...

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An automobile communication system which provides for transmitting stations located along highways and facilities located in vehicles such that the vehicle can receive information as to stop signs, whether the vehicle should turn left or right or proceed straight forward, distances to particular lan ...