Erickson J David, Kronmal Richard A: Automatic card distributor. Christensen O Connor Garrison & Havelka, August 5, 1975: US3897954 (146 worldwide citation)

An apparatus for distributing playing cards into two or more stacks in a pseudo-random fashion so as to simulate the results achieved by conventional shuffling and dealing of the cards. Initially, a deck of playing cards is positioned in the apparatus, successive cards being removed therefrom and pr ...

Wells Joel D, McClure George F, Freeman Lionel D, Endicott John R, Cunningham Marion L: Multiple zone communications system and method. Martin Marietta Corporation, Burns Doane Swecker Mathis, August 5, 1975: US3898390 (141 worldwide citation)

A method and system for more efficiently utilizing presently available and prospectively available two-way communication channels for communication between mobile telephones and either fixed telephones or mobile telephones. A large mobile telephone service area is divided into a plurality of smaller ...

Tellerman Jacob: Linear distance measuring device using a moveable magnet interacting with a sonic waveguide. Tempo Instrument, Bauer & Amer, August 5, 1975: US3898555 (104 worldwide citation)

A linear distance measuring device is disclosed in which the time it takes a torsion pulse to traverse a sonic waveguide from a movable magnet to a pulse responsive element is determined and converted to a measurement of the distance from the movable magnet to the pulse responsive element. The posit ...

Ikuno Yuji, Kato Yutaka: Power source device for an electric surgical knife. Olympus Optical Company, Flynn & Frishauf, August 5, 1975: US3897787 (102 worldwide citation)

Power source device for an electric surgical knife for use with an endoscope comprising, means for supplying a high frequency signal to an electric surgical knife, a selector for determining whether or not the high frequency signal is attenuated before it is supplied to the knife, a level detecting ...

Mott Lambert H: Tube seal joint and method therefor. Tailer Peter L, August 5, 1975: US3898163 (101 worldwide citation)

A tube is sealed in a fitting having a fitting body and a nut by inserting the tube into the fitting body with an annular clearance between the fitting body and the tube, inserting annular seals within the clearance about the tube, the seals each having an annular corrugation and the seals being alt ...

Blanchard Stanley J: Acupuncture apparatus. Martin Paul S, August 5, 1975: US3897789 (99 worldwide citation)

Pulses of current are supplied to an acupuncture needle by a pulse generator whose pulse-width, frequency and amplitude are adjustably controlled, the pulse source having such high impedance as to cause essentially the desired or adjusted current to flow irrespective of the electrical impedance of t ...

Hinoshita Shigehiko, Minejima Yukihiko, Moriya Takao: Video signal transmission system. Fujitsu, Staas & Halsey, August 5, 1975: US3898378 (91 worldwide citation)

A video signal transmission system for reduced bandwidth transmission defines each picture frame to include at least two picture element series A.sub.ij, B.sub.ij, . . . A regularly selective transmitter selects the video picture element signals of a given series, in succession for all such series, ...

Lange K Robert, Schiesser Robert H, Tonkyn Richard G, Dean deceased Russell T, Dean executrix by S Martha: Acrylamido-sulfonic acid polymers and their use. Betz Laboratories, Ricci Alexander D, August 5, 1975: US3898037 (89 worldwide citation)

The present disclosure is directed to polymers and copolymers of acrylamido-sulfonic acid compounds and their use basically as dispersants for particles contained in aqueous systems. Exemplary of the sulfonic acid compound is 2-acrylamido-2-methylpropane sulfonic acid, or water-soluble salt thereof; ...

Proebsting Robert J: Low power, high speed, high output voltage fet delay-inverter stage. Mostek Corporation, Hubbard Thurman Turner & Tucker, August 5, 1975: US3898479 (89 worldwide citation)

An integrated circuit and a method operating the circuit is disclosed wherein first and second MISFET transistors are connected with the source node of the first common with the drain node of the second and providing the output node of an inverter or delay stage. The output node is capacitively coup ...

Genho Robert: Laser level and square. Harris Kern Wallen & Tinsley, August 5, 1975: US3897637 (86 worldwide citation)

A building level having a laser providing two and three beams simultaneously at 90.degree. to each other, and means for leveling and aligning the unit, and means for rotating the unit 90.degree. to provide grade and vertical.

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