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Wooden head for a golf club comprising a wooden body having a top surface, an undersurface carrying a soleplate, a rear surface and a face surface carrying a faceplate adapted to strike a golf ball during use of the golf club. The weight and balance of the head is adjustable by varying the weight of ...

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A method of and device for replacing a damaged ligament in a joint such as a knee, wherein a sheath group of fibers is passed through a tunnel formed in the bore of the joint and opening at the point of attachment of the natural ligament. The artificial ligament is anchored by a pair of plates, one ...

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An article is provided which may be in the form of an article of apparel, such as a glove, or a topical applicator for use in applying a therapeutic substance to the skin, which article is impregnated with the oil phase of a cream formulation. The oil phase impregnant is in the form of a non-oily so ...

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A clamp comprises a pair of integral jaws hingedly connected at one end for pivotal movement between opened and closed positions. One jaw contains a latch strike while the other jaw includes a projecting latching member selectively engageable with the latch strike for securely though releasably inte ...

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A device for the simultaneous dispensing and cutting of wound materials comprising a rotatable drum mounted beneath mounted an articulated rolled carrier adapted for carrying a roll of material whose free end extends between the drum and roll carrier and projects from the device. By pulling the mate ...

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A blood collection and separator assembly of the type suitable for centrifuging to separate the plasma from the cellular phase of blood is disclosed. The assembly includes a collection container and a piston disposed therein for sealing off the plasma phase from the cellular phase after centrifuging ...

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A continuous-flow two-reservoir fluid medicament- or blood-feed system is provided, for administration of such fluids to patients, composed of two reservoirs, each filled by way of check valves from a common supply, and with common connections to a vacuum line. Application of vacuum draws the fluid ...

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An ultrasonic surgical instrument comprising a probe and a transducer wherein at least the probe and the point of connection between the probe and the transducer are enveloped by a jacket which is spaced so as to provide an air gap substantially surrounding the probe and the transducer.

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An aspirator including an open-bottom suction structure defining a vacuum chamber therein which can be evacuated to a desired degree of vacuum to permit the structure to be securely attached to a tumorous part of the body suction. A guide sleeve is fixedly supported along the vertical axis of the su ...

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A combination charging and relief valve for an accumulator of a hydraulic power brake booster. The valve includes a threaded body member having an end portion located within the brake booster housing separating a passage fluidly connected to a hydraulic fluid pressure source and another passage flui ...