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A self-contained fluid separator assembly is disclosed capable of separating blood into its component parts of plasma or serum, the light phase, and the cellular portion, the heavy phase. The assembly comprises a container having at least one open end for receiving blood for subsequent separation an ...

Carlson Phillip R: Power generation through controlled convection (aeroelectric power generation). Lockheed Aircraft Corporation, Corber Billy G, July 15, 1975: US3894393 (39 worldwide citation)

A method and means for the generation of power from a controlled air flow, wherein an enclosed air mass is cooled at high altitude below the temperature of the surrounding air. The air is isolated from the surrounding air by means of a large duct. The resulting cooler, denser air flows down the duct ...

DePuy Leland Q: Manifold valve. Golrick P D, July 15, 1975: US3894559 (39 worldwide citation)

A manifold body block has a longitudinal blind main bore receiving through its open end an assembly of two ball valve members spaced on a sealed stem projecting through a gland in a plug threaded in the open end to accept an operating handle; two transverse parallel flow passages through the block p ...

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Two structural members are secured together by a fastener and stud having an enlarged head. The fastener is a resilient one-piece metal clip having one or more portions secured to one of the structural members and a raised portion. The raised portion has a slot formed therein with an access opening ...

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A microwave signal generator projects an electromagnetic wave into a space under surveillance to establish a first field. A pulse or frequency modulated low frequency generator is used to apply a voltage to a discontinuous conductor for establishing a second field, electrostatic in nature, throughou ...

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A series of polyamide-imides which are both tractable and soluble in polar solvents as well as stable at high temperatures has been prepared by the condensation polymerization of aromatic diamines or oligomers containing oxygen, sulfone, and optionally alkylidene linkages with trimellitic acid, trim ...

Kraus Ronald G: Automatic digital height gauge. Kraus Instruments, Oldham & Oldham, July 15, 1975: US3895356 (38 worldwide citation)

Disclosed is a digital height gauge measuring system wherein an inductosyn type scale and slider assembly is interconnected with a counter and display unit, all of which are interfaced to a programmable calculator. The interface circuitry provides means for transferring data from the gauging system ...

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This invention discloses a silyl-substituted urea derivative of controlled reactivity, high storage stability and which improve the properties of the cross-linked end products obtained by the prior art.The silyl-substituted urea comprises the general formula: ##EQU1## WHEREIN R represents a C.sub.1 ...

Tschirky John E: In-hole motors. Smith International, July 15, 1975: US3894818 (37 worldwide citation)

This invention relates to in-hole motors in which thrust bearings are provided with means to lubricate the bearings employing pressure balanced seals. The preferred embodiment includes the application of such sealed bearings to progressing cavity motors for use in drilling operations.

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Sheet material consisting essentially of inorganic fibers, such as asbestos fibers, elastomer latex, such as neoprene latex, and finely divided metallic material, such as lead, the inorganic fibers being felted together and coated and adhered together by the elastomer latex and formed into a sheet, ...