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An insulated staple is formed from a U-shaped body member and a piece of flexible, plastic tube, mounted on the body member with the end portions of the tube positioned coaxially on the legs of the staple and with the intermediate portion of the tube extending between the legs and under a bridging s ...

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A method for separating material leaving a well wherein an upwardly extending and elongate separator conduit disposed in a water body is supplied with an oil containing fluid mixture at a fluid entrance zone. A plurality of relatively closely spaced inclined baffles spaced along the length of the se ...

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The present invention relates to the use of certain quaternary ammonium salts as useful charge control agents for an electrostatic toner composition.

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Apparatus is disclosed for transferring non-fused xerographic toner images from a first support material, such as a photoconductive insulating surface, to a second support material, such as paper, and fusing the toner images to the second support material. Such apparatus includes an intermediate tra ...

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An improved bone marrow biopsy instrument is disclosed. The instrument comprises an elongate hollow alignment needle having a point which will advantageously penetrate soft tissue and indent bone surfaces. A rotatable bone cutting cannula is insertable within the alignment needle lumen.In use, the a ...

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A video distribution system impresses an encripted premium, supplementary video program onto an MATV cable, e.g., in a hotel-motel, apartment-condominium, or like environment. Key switch enabled converters are provided at each viewing location to permit reception of the private program upon lease an ...

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A system for distributing and routing a large number of audio-video signal channels is described. The system includes an input multiplexer and signal distribution networks, a matrix of switch groups and an output demultiplexer. In the input multiplexer the audio signals accompanying each video signa ...

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A pipe coupling including a collar provided with external flanges initially larger than the normal diameter of the collar which, in the course of installation, are constricted until their outer surfaces are essentially flush with the normal surface of the collar causing the portions radially inward ...

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A multiple compartment refuse container is provided wherein the compartments have doors both at the top and at the sides of the compartment structure. The refuse container may be used with plastic bags which are easily fastened inside of the container or it may be used with conventional garbage cans ...