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An apparatus for adjusting the flexing of the bending section of an endoscope extending between the distal end and flexible tube, which comprises a pair of wire members partly wound about a pulley in opposite directions on the opposite sides of said pulley in a state fixed to the pulley at one end a ...

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Electrophoretic image reproduction process is disclosed. In this process, a D.C. voltage is uniformly applied across an electrophoretic suspension layer including a dispersion of at least one electrophoretic material in a finely divided powder form suspended in a suspending medium, whereby said D.C. ...

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In making a bone implant to immobolize and support bone structure damaged by a fracture or other localized impairment, as for example the ball joint region of a femur (hip bone), after the surgeon penetrates the flesh by an incision of small diameter, a tubular guide is inserted through the incision ...

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A method for recovering hydrocarbons by injecting a mixture of oxidizing gas and steam into a lateral conduit in a hydrocarbon-containing formation to produce a product gas and, based on values contained in such gas, controlling the reactions between mixtures of oxidizing gas and steam and hydrocarb ...

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System for remotely monitoring the temperature of animals in which a capsule containing a variable length antenna which changes in length according to the animal's temperature is embedded in the animal. Interrogating means are provided for transmitting a range of frequency signals to the capsule and ...

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Films, 0.0005 to 0.010 inch thick, which are readily soluble in cold water may be made from a polymer mixture of polyvinyl alcohol or polyvinyl pyrrolidone having a molecular weight average of more than 120,000 and a different polymer, polyvinyl alcohol or polyvinyl pyrrolidone having a molecular we ...

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An edge-lighted panel having a number of light sources coupled to a length of flexible wiring which is arranged to be removably affixed about the peripheral edge of the panel, with the light sources disposed within light receiving cavities in the marginal portion of the panel.

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This apparatus for preparing food comprises interchangeable tools adapted to be operatively connected to the rotary shaft of a driving motor disposed in casing underlying the working bowl. This bowl is detachably mounted on top of said casing and comprises on its outer peripheral wall a substantiall ...

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Adjustable variable length tracks have one end supportable on a supporting surface. An adjustable variable track elevator is foldably affixed to the opposite other end of the track and supports the other end of the tracks at a selected distance above the supporting surface thereby supporting the tra ...

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Seal means are provided for a variable area flap nozzle of the type having an annular array of axially extending flaps hinged at their upstream ends to a duct defining structure. An annular band provides a seal at the flap hinge point and strips provide a seal between peripherally adjacent flaps. Th ...