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A conductive electrode-catheter, biological catheter cannula or the like which is easily inserted into the body and which is effectively anchored into a desired organ or tissue or properly located within a target cavity. The electrode, catheter, or the like incorporates a material, such as a known t ...

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A method and apparatus for superimposing printed characters of any such nature as may be transmitted upon a received television image, at the will of the viewer at the receiver. The character information is incrementally transmitted during the vertical blanking interval of the television scanning fo ...

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The rear wheel of a bicycle is provided with left and right sprockets and cooperating left and right ratchets so that rotation of either sprocket in one direction will rotate the rear wheel in a like direction and rotation of any one sprocket in an opposite direction will not affect the rear wheel. ...

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A safety syringe for one-time use including a plunger which is permanently lockable by detent members and a slidable needle cap which is also permanently lockable by detents to prevent reuse.

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Physiological diagnostic apparatus for determining the location of, and shifts in, the center of gravity of the human body incorporating a body support member engaged upon a base assembly for pivoting about a transverse axis, a load responsive device located beneath said body support member in a por ...

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Modes are filtered in an optical waveguide by selecting and providing a periodic variation, such as a surface corrugation or a refractive index variation, in a filter region in the waveguide. The filter region diverts light in an unwanted mode from the propagation axis by scattering or reflection. B ...

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Microcapsules are made by dissolving or dispersing a core substance in a solution of a wall material dissolved in a solvent having a dielectric constant of about 10 or less and poorly miscible with a polyhydric alcohol, then emulsifying in fine droplets this dispersion or solution into the polyhydri ...

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The growth or repair of fractured bones or the growth of other body tissues is promoted by means of a coil which is applied to produce a magnetic field at the site in which growth is to be encouraged. The coil is supplied with a low frequency alternating voltage below 50 Hz. A device is applied to t ...

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Very rapid crystallization of eutectic and neareutectic molten mixtures of aluminum oxide and zirconium oxide, followed by crushing of the solidified melt, results in abrasive grits of very high strength combined with highly desirable microfracture properties. The zirconium oxide in the material is ...

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A catheter having an improved tip structure. The catheter tube has a relatively low durometer tubular body portion and a separate higher durometer molded tip thereon which does not collapse when it strikes an obstruction during insertion. Preferably, the tip assembly is precision molded from a suita ...