Baumgarten Carl B: Uterine aspirating curette. Gomco Surgical Manufacturing, Johnson Kenneth H, June 17, 1975: US3889657 (149 worldwide citation)

A uterine aspirating curette which has an effective 360.degree. contact with the uterus inner surface in use so that rotation of the curette in order to scrape and aspirate the entire surface is not required and a removable specimen collection basket mounted in the handle of the device in the line o ...

Vogelman Joseph H, Spiegelman Stanley D, Berens Jack: Ticket operated subscription television receiver. TheatreVision, Hopgood Calimafde Kalil Blaustein & Lieberman, June 17, 1975: US3890461 (132 worldwide citation)

A subscription television receiver for receiving a scrambled television signal includes a card or ticket reader into which a ticket having a unique coding pattern is placed. The card reader comprises a circuit for developing a card identification signal corresponding to the ticket code pattern. That ...

Martin Eugene Ray: Process for preparing aminofunctional polysiloxane polymers. Stauffer Chemical Company, June 17, 1975: US3890269 (105 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to a process for preparing aminofunctional organopolysiloxanes which comprises equilibrating a mixture containing organopolysiloxane and an aminofunctional silane or siloxane in the presence of a catalyst. The polysiloxanes are useful as sizing agents and as corrosion inhibitor ...

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A wireway system for channelling, selectively routing, and retaining the various wires of a wire bundle interconnecting components of an electrical system. The wireway system comprises a channel-shaped duct for receiving the wire bundle and having an elongate base and two substantially parallel duct ...

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Novel (2-imidazolin-2-ylamino)substituted quinolines, -quinoxalines and -quinazolines, their preparation and use as antihypertensive agents are described.

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A relatively narrow diameter tubular inserter adaptable for use with a wide variety of intrauterine devices, having lateral slots therein for retaining a resilient intrauterine device in an undeformed state during shipment and storage prior to insertion. The intrauterine device is moved to a deforme ...

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The tubular unit with vessel engaging cuff structure is a unitary unit including a tube having a compressible cuff surrounding the outer surface thereof. The cuff includes a resilient, porous inner material surrounding the tube and an outer liquid impervious layer which may be bonded to or integrall ...

Guarnieri James: Smoking appliance. June 17, 1975: US3889690 (91 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to a smoking appliance and includes first and second chambers connected by a conduit to permit the passage of air from one to the other through a quantity of lighted tobacco. A source of compressed air is connected to one of the chambers and a flexible tube including a mouthpie ...

Lebold Steve: Hot and cold pack. Wolk I Louis, June 17, 1975: US3889684 (85 worldwide citation)

A flexible water retaining bar or envelope containing an absorbent pad is filled with a heated or cooled or frozen fluid and encased within a cover in which the sides and top edge are detachably fastened to enclose the envelope. The cover is provided with bands or straps adapted to engage a body mem ...

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A single phase, high frequency, transistor or gate turnoff thyristor chopper ballast circuit especially suited for mercury vapor lamps preferably operates on a unfiltered full wave rectified line voltage and electronically shapes the lamp current and therefore the line current to obtain a high power ...