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An improved demand inhibited cardiac pacer or human tissue stimulator employs a rechargeable battery to furnish operating power to electronic pulse generating circuitry which generates output stimulating pulses. For the demand inhibited cardiac pacer these pulses are generated only when the patient' ...

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Apparatus for grasping an article under remote control is provided with a sensor comprised of a photodetecting cell divided into four quadrants to define X and Y coordinates and a light emitting diode on a Z axis normal to the X and Y axes. Two additional light emitting diodes are equally spaced on ...

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A faulty connection betwen the terminal post of a battery and the cable connector clamp is determined by means of an indicator connected across the connection. The indicator may take the form of a lamp, a fuse, or any other device which serves to indicate current flow.

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A crosslinked aqueous gel useful for fracturing and placing propping agents within a subterranean formation is disclosed. The gel has a high viscosity in said formation and has pumping characteristics in turbulent flow similar to those of water.

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A bracket for mounting a traffic signal or like device on a pole falling within a given diameter range, comprising a flat steel plate, cut and bent to form two pole-engaging wedges extending angularly from one plate surface and having a series of rounded retainer flanges on the opposite side of the ...

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A reaction cell for the performance of radioimmunoassay determinations and like saturation analysis reactions has supported within it a matrix pad of absorbent material capable of retaining the necessary reagents for the reaction and serving as a site in which the reaction totally occurs. A separabl ...

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A puzzle and game consisting of a plurality of plastic blocks with colors, patterns, or other characteristics on different sides stacked together in a cube or other parallelepiped with the colors or other characteristics matched in a certain selected pattern so that the cubes may be separated into i ...

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A method of fracturing subterranean formations which employs propping agent particles composed of resin-filled or fiber-reinforced cement pellets or resin-filled clinker.

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A real time frame grabbing system for substantially instantaneously providing a continuous video display or a selectable predetermined video frame of information on a video display means from continuously transmittable video information which is transmitted as a plurality of pseudo video scan lines ...

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1. A munition safing, arming and firing system comprising means for transting a code consisting of pulses of differing frequencies, means for receiving said code, means for segregating the received pulses according to frequency, a stepping relay having a plurality of contact decks each of which corr ...