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Directed jets of temperature controlled gaseous fluids are applied to irregularly shaped products, such as food portions, to subject discrete areas of the surface to a very high heat transfer rate and to cause these areas to be passed over surfaces of the product at a proper rate to obtain over-all ...

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A subscription television scrambling and unscrambling system. In one embodiment, at the transmitter end of the system, first means selectively alternates or scrambles at least two television programs between at least two television channels at preselected times. At or before each of the preselected ...

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A dialyzing appliance adapted to be worn as a belt by the user, having a dialysis fluid chamber and a dialysis membrane defining an extended blood flow passage for blood circulation through the fluid chamber in dialyzing relation with the dialysis fluid. To regenerate the dialysis fluid continuously ...

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A pneumatically operated intraocular surgery apparatus which is of very light weight and small size, the cutting device inserted into the eye consisting of concentric tubes having a diameter of 1 mm. or less. Pneumatic means is provided to the device for moving one of the tubes with respect to the o ...

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A positive fluid displacement apparatus employing scroll members having interfitting spiroidal wraps angularly and radially offset such that as the spiral centers experience an orbiting motion, they define one or more moving fluid pockets of variable volume. The zones of lowest and highest pressures ...

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Multilayer coextrusion method and apparatus are shown which provide a relatively easily obtained symmetry control of the layer thickness which is particularly suitable when the desired laminate contains many layers.

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A flexible needle and guard device for a hypodermic syringe substantially reducing the bending and breaking of needles when an innoculation is administered. The device including a flexure tube interconnected between the syringe and the needle thus permitting the needle to pivot laterally, and a guar ...

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An extrudable cross-section is adapted for use as a scaffold plank. Bending stiffness is obtained by using an undulated cross-sectional configuration that is stackable without jamming. A plurality of these planks may be interengaged along the edges for transfer of forces so that each plank is assist ...

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Improved cuff and catheter tip assemblies for catheter tubes of all types, and methods of construction and retrofitting the cuffs to tubes. Cuff assemblies are of low pressure, low volume non-oversized type, and comprise an inner, generally cylindrical, seal member of silicone rubber having a durome ...

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A loose-leaf binder mechanism is disclosed which includes a case containing a pair of pivotally mounted hinge plates each carrying a series of spaced prongs. The hinge plates are movable between two alternate positions. In one of these positions the prongs are closed together to define a loose-leaf ...