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Hydrocarbons are recovered from oil shale deposits by introducing hot fluids into the deposits through wells and then shutting in the wells to allow kerogen in the deposits to be converted to bitumen which is then recovered through the wells after an extended period of soaking.

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A surgical clip, particularly adapted to produce necrosis in Fallopian tube tissue, consists of jaws hinged adjacent one end and a U-shaped spring which holds the jaws open in one position and exerts a closing pressure on the jaws in another position. The clip is particularly adapted to be applied t ...

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Surgical instrments for obstretical use including a first device for dilating the cervical neck, and a second defice for dilating the uterus. Each device includes a relatively rigid element surrounded by a pneumatically inflatable element, the rigid element projecting through the inflatable element ...

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An illustrative embodiment of the present invention includes method and apparatus for determining locations in a test field at which a subject is able to perceive visual stimuli. The stimuli are presented on a test screen under control of a programmed automatic data processing system. The subject co ...

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A soft tissue biopsy aspirating device for gathering soft tissue samples comprising a syringe having a barrel, with a reciprocably movable plunger sealingly received within the barrel to form a chamber with a controllably variable volume, and with a hollow sample-receiving needle mounted on a needle ...

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A diaper set comprising in combination a water-repellent but gas-permeable, and stretchable diaper cover, a non-bulky and absorbent pad and a hydrophobic net fabric which is to be in direct contact with the infant body in use whereby the entire volume is smaller and has a higher gas-permeable and wa ...

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A method for performing cataract surgery by slicing or shearing thin layers of cataractous tissue with a surgical probe incorporating a very small diameter tip which performs as a rotary cutter. In one embodiment of the invention, this tip includes a pair of concentric tubes, the outer of which is s ...

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A hypodermic injection device comprising a cartridge holder having a cylindrical body open at one end and closed at the other end, the closed end being provided with an aperture, a cartridge including an ampoule with attached cannula within the holder, the cannula being directed toward the holder's ...

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An auxiliary control for a blood pump used in hemodialysis which acts upon an existing blood pump controller to continuously vary the pump rate in direct correspondence with changes in flow of a patient's blood reflected as variations in negative pressure in a blood line. The auxiliary control regul ...

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An automatic chemical analysis apparatus having separate closed-looped conveyors for sample and reactant containers. At a fixed location, sample portions from a given sample are transferred to a serial sequence of reactant containers. Colourimetric testing is arranged such that all of the reactant p ...