Terry Ruel C, Stoddard Xerxes T: Method of extracting immobile hydrocarbons. Ruel C Terry, Xerxes T Stoddard, Polumbus Gary M, May 6, 1975: US3881551 (194 worldwide citation)

A method of extracting immobile hydrocarbons includes the steps of sinking spaced wells into the hydrocarbon formation, fracturing the formation near the bottom of the wells to establish subsurface communication between the wells, passing a heated fluid through the wells and the hydrocarbon formatio ...

Whitehead Howard A, Braun Ralph V: Thin, flexible absorbent pads. Kimberly Clark Corporation, Hanlon Jr Daniel J, Herrick William D, Miller Raymond J, May 6, 1975: US3881490 (135 worldwide citation)

Thin, absorbent pads with soft, flexible edges. The pad structure comprises a fluid pervious non-woven cover sheet, a central absorbent batt of comminuted wood pulp fibers, and a fluid-impervious backing element. Each element is coextensive with the others. The integrity of the central absorbent bat ...

Johnstone Richard: Diagnostic communication system for computer controlled machine tools. Kearney & Treaker Corporation, Hill Gross Simpson Van Santen Steadman Chiara & Simpson, May 6, 1975: US3882305 (134 worldwide citation)

A diagnostic communication system for machine tools interlinks a computer controlled machine tool with diagnostic and analysis equipment located at a location remote from the machine tool. The computer associated with the machine tool is connected with the diagnostic apparatus over a telephone line, ...

Hartwell Edward Wallace: Breathable, liquid inpervious backsheet for absorptive devices. The Procter & Gamble Company, Braun Frederick H, Gorman John V, Witte Monte D, May 6, 1975: US3881489 (133 worldwide citation)

A backing for a disposable diaper being a combination of two layers. The first layer is a low void volume perforated thermoplastic film. The second layer is a porous high void volume hydrophobic tissue which is adjacent the first layer.

Clayton Eugene Thomas, Johnston Ruth Elinor, Rector James M: Cleaner compositions. Union Carbide Corporation, Brown Robert C, May 6, 1975: US3882038 (125 worldwide citation)

A relatively non-toxic cleaner formulation comprised of a surfactant, water and at least one solvent having the formulaI. ro(c.sub.2 h.sub.4 o).sub.u H,Ii. r'o(c.sub.3 h.sub.6 o).sub.v H,Iii. r'o(c.sub.2 h.sub.4 o).sub.w (C.sub.3 H.sub.6 O).sub.x R',Iv. r''o(c.sub.2 h.sub.4 o).sub.y R'' (OC.sub.2 H. ...

Harney Ralph P: Hotel-motel pay TV system. Oak, Kinzer Plyer Dorn & McEachran, May 6, 1975: US3882392 (102 worldwide citation)

A subscription TV system includes a central station, various TV receivers and cable connections between the central station and receivers. There are means at each receiver for decoding TV signals received from the central station. Also at each receiver is a means for placing the decoder in operation ...

Rate Jr Edward T, Heiting Robert F: Gridded X-ray tube gun. General Electric Company, Hohenfeldt Ralph G, Wiviott Fred, May 6, 1975: US3882339 (100 worldwide citation)

An X-ray generator has a Pierce type electron gun comprising an electron emissive cathode, field shaping electrodes connected thereto, a first accelerating anode spaced from the cathode and an X-ray target anode spaced from the accelerating anode for being impinged upon by a focused electron beam. C ...

Walding Eugene C, Cummings John G: Binary coded rotary wafer type switch assembly. Oak, Kinzer Plyer Dorn & McEachran, May 6, 1975: US3882289 (96 worldwide citation)

A means for determining position of a rotary television channel selector switch having at least 26 finite positions includes rotary and stationary coding means, with the rotary means moving with the channel selector switch. The stationary means has a single input and five outputs, with the connectio ...

Kendall Don Leslie: Method of making a solid state inductor. Texas Instruments Incorporated, Levine Harold, Comfort James T, May 6, 1975: US3881244 (94 worldwide citation)

Disclosed is a solid state inductor which is formed in a monocrystalline semiconductor body. An electrically isolated helix comprised of conductive studs selectively interconnected by electrical contacts circumscribes an electrically isolated core material. Typically the studs are comprised of the s ...

Kelly Robert R: Pipe tong positioning system. Borg Warner Corporation, Burgess Aubrey L, May 6, 1975: US3881375 (90 worldwide citation)

The combination of a power driven pipe tong and a backup tong is supported upon a hoist mechanism to be positioned vertically with respect to the tool joints of a string of drill pipe. A magnetic eddy current detector is disposed adjacent to the drill pipe and produces a command signal to control th ...

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