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A catheter which is relatively rigid in compression and torsion while flexible in bending includes a unitary tubular member including inner and outer layers of a soluble polymer composition, such as polyurethane, whose adjoining surfaces are chemically bonded during manufacture. A filament core, pre ...

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A folding tool case operative to stand upright on rollers when open to present for use tools removably supported upon the opposed inner vertical panels of the case is described. The particular location of each tool of a set of various tools supported in the tool case is identified by shadow represen ...

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Automatic transmission fluid composition and concentrates thereof comprising a major amount of a lubricating oil and a friction modifying amount of an N-(hydroxyalkyl) alkenyl succinamic acid or a mixture of N-(hydroxyalkyl) alkenyl succinamic acid and N-(hydroxyalkyl) alkenyl succinimide. In additi ...

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A connector assembly is disclosed for terminating multi-conductor flat flexible cable with contacts which pierce the cable insulation to make good electrical and mechanical engagement with all types of cable conductors, in particular round wire and stranded wire. Each contact is die stamped from she ...

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In an RF system which measures the level of materials, the probe includes a measuring electrode and a guard shield. The guard shield is interposed between the electrode and a conductive member, commonly the container for the material, throughout the body of the probe.

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A data processor for a time division multiplexed communications system. A plurality of such data processors are connected in series in a loop configuration, each having a data terminal associated therewith, for establishing a connection between data processors in a time division multiplexed channel. ...

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A method of dispensing beer out of a single faucet from one, or from a number of kegs separately connected by suitable ducts with a header communicating with the faucet. A control valve device for each keg has a chamber forming a part of its duct. Float valves, one in each chamber, are operable upon ...

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For measuring the axle load in a stationary axle of a vehicle, strain sensing transducers are arranged in mechanical contact with the axle in an area between the wheel bearings and attachments for the load-transferring members. When the vehicle is equipped with brakes, the transducers are placed on ...

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Aromatic bis(ether anhydride)s can be made by a nitro displacement of an N-substituted nitrophthalimide with an alkali (diphenoxide to produce an intermediate aromatic bis(etherphthalimide). Hydrolysis of the aromatic bis(etherphthalimide) to the corresponding tetra-acid salt followed by acidificati ...

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A method and apparatus for re-entering a well bore and working on said well bore has a fluid diverting element slidably mounted within a body. The fluid diverting element is movable in response to an actuating element from a first position at which fluid is directed substantially only through a port ...