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Disclosed herein is an improved method for the detection and determination of haptens by contacting a sample of body fluid with a hapten-enzyme conjugate and a specific binding protein (i.e., antibody) for the hapten. The improvement is characterized in that the nature of the couple in the hapten-pr ...

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Disclosed is a unitary or single-ply fibrous web having a laminate-like structure which consists of a soft, absorbent central core region of relatively low fiber concentration sandwiched between two strong, abrasion-resistant surface regions of higher fiber concentration. The surface regions have bo ...

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Articles, and particular telephone splices, are protectively encased in a material consisting of a low viscosity oil gelled by a block copolymer such as styrene-iosprene-styrene. Addition of polyethylene to the blend reduces the yield shear stress in the gelled compound and also advantageously suppl ...

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A treatment to alleviate the symptoms of ichthyosis consisting of topical application of an ointment or lotion containing one or more lower aliphatic compounds having from two to about six carbon atoms, and preferably having .alpha.-carbon functionality is disclosed. The compounds include .alpha.-hy ...

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A tactile switch plate for a keyboard comprises a non-conductive member sandwiched between a pair of conductors, the member having a planar body portion provided with a plurality of outwardly deformed carrier portions corresponding in number and spacing to the number and spacing of the keys of the k ...

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A high speed digital communications receiver is used in a diversity receiver system in which the predetection combiner of the receiver utilizes a forward adaptive filter equalizer, having a plurality of weighting sections, in each of the diversity channels for processing each of the received bandpas ...

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A core is completely encased in reinforced plastic to form a structural part. A part is made in a pair of matched metal dies one of which moves against the other to form a mold to contain, and to apply pressure to the part and pinch off excess cover material. Part is made up with cover material abov ...

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A knock-down, plastic pallet comprises spaced longitudinal stringers and boards extending transversely of the stringers. The stringers and boards are held in interlocked relationship by an arrangement of integral notches and shoulders.

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A receptacle adapted for permanent mounting in a permanently mounted conventional electrical box mounted in a wall or other suitable supporting surface with the receptacle mounted inwardly of the box compartment, and an interchangable module in the form of an electric switch adapted to fit snugly in ...