Gilliam John Elmer: Apparatus for improving the shape of characters formed by a row and column coordinate matrix for display on a cathode-ray tube. US Philips Corporation, Trifari Frank R, April 15, 1975: US3878536 (41 worldwide citation)

An addressing circuit arrangement for character display apparatus in which the characters are composed in a matrix form. When doubling the character height extra elements are added on either side of the character so as to improve its shape resulting in a rounding-off effect. To this end the addressi ...

Gaiser Conrad J: Self inflatable air mattress, and sleeping bag with air pressure control. Gaiser Enterprises, Bialos Stanley, April 15, 1975: US3877092 (40 worldwide citation)

A self inflatable air mattress having a core of flexible and resilient cellular material of the open cell type, and an air tight flexible jacket enclosing the core. A tube communicating with the interior of the jacket allows flow of air into and from the core cells; and a closure for the tube mainta ...

Brown Omar L: Easy open ecology end. Dayton Reliable Tool & Mfg Co, Smyth George F, April 15, 1975: US3877604 (40 worldwide citation)

An easy open end for containers includes a removable panel forming an opening in the container end wall and being defined by a score line. The container is opened, i.e. the score line ruptured, by applying a downward force on the panel to cause a rupture of the score line. Where the score line is co ...

Fahey Robert W C, McKinzie Kenneth W: Bicycle trailer. Nardelli Dominick, April 15, 1975: US3877723 (40 worldwide citation)

A bicycle trailer is disclosed wherein the frame is a lightweight tubular T-shaped fixture supporting a wire basket. The transverse tube houses an axle on which a pair of wheels are mounted. The transverse tube is located aft of the geometrical center of the basket, preferably about 6 inches from th ...

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Integral structural unit constituting a block for constructing concrete crib retaining walls and the like of open and closed face construction. Each structural unit comprises two parallel end panels made of concrete and joined by a connecting arm integral therewith of massive proportions holding the ...

Ferriss Lincoln S: Electrostatic accelerometer. The Singer Company, Kennedy T W, April 15, 1975: US3877313 (40 worldwide citation)

In a digital pendulous accelerometer an electrostatic pulsed torque rebalance loop is used to restore the seismic mass to a null position by means of separately energized capacitive torquer plates facing opposite sides of the pendulum. When the pendulum is displaced to one side of null, the torquer ...

Fischel Halbert: Pulsatile pumping system. Baxter Laboratories, Ellis Garrettson, April 15, 1975: US3877843 (40 worldwide citation)

A portable pulsatile pumping system simulates the pumping mechanism of a human heart in pumping fluid for such applications as organ perfusion systems. The pumping system includes a regulated source of pressurized gas, a pulsatile pump having an aorta chamber providing a sustained minimum diastolic ...

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An optical processing technique is employed to optically generate a set of properly phase-controlled signals that are appropriate to forming and steering, in space, a beam from a two-dimensional phased array antenna.

Werth John J: Alkali metal-metal chloride battery. ESB Incorporated, April 15, 1975: US3877984 (39 worldwide citation)

A secondary battery utilizing a molten alkali metal negative reactant, a metal chloride positive reactant, a molten alkali metal chloraluminate electrolyte and a selectively-ionically-conductive separator positioned between the negative and the positive reactants.

Hazard Robert E: Closure structures having child-safety feature. Polytop Corporation, O Brian Edward D, April 15, 1975: US3877598 (39 worldwide citation)

Closure structures which are constructed so that when pressure is applied to a portion of a cap in a closed position on a base that the cap is tilted to a position in which it can be moved from the closed position can be constructed by using a fulcrum means adjacent to spaced surfaces on the base an ...