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Novel compounds useful as antihistamine agents, antiallergy agents, and bronchodilators are represented by the following formula ##SPC1##Wherein R represents hydrogen or hydroxy; R.sup.1 represents hydrogen; or R and R.sup.1 taken together form a second bond between the carbon atoms bearing R and R. ...

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Cathode sputtering apparatus for operation within an evacuable enclosure for coating a substrate which is also contained within the enclosure. The apparatus includes a cathode which carries a face of material to be sputtered. Magnetic means is placed adjacent to the cathode at a side thereof opposit ...

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The invention relates to novel acrylate and substituted acrylate-functional polysiloxane polymers of the general formula ##SPC1##In which the R(s) may be the same or different and represent hydrogen or monovalent hydrocarbon radicals having from one to 12 carbon atoms, R' is a monovalent hydrocarbon ...

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PARA-(2-Aminopropyl-1)phenol having nonoxocarbonyl groups and analogs bonded through a hydrocarbon chain to oxygen are employed in preparing derivatives for immunoassays and for the preparation of antibodies for amphetamine and amphetamine analogs. Included among the compounds are derivatives of pol ...

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While executing program code arranged in nested blocks, a data processing system accumulates words in a stack storage means comprising a pair of registers coupled to an arithmetic unit and supplying thereto operands for processing; a plurality of memory locations in a relatively large-capacity, low- ...

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Permselective membranes are prepared from novel synthetic organic aromatic polyamides of the formula ##SPC1##The membranes are useful in separating components of fluid mixtures or solution such as water containing dissolved salts or lactam.

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A high velocity fluid cutting jet is utilized as a cutting tool to cut pattern pieces from limp sheet material. The limp material is spread on a support surface and is compressed into a hardened mass by evacuating air from within the material or applying a positive external pressure to an exposed po ...

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A metal insulator-silicon field effect transistor is disclosed having an MNCNOS gate structure displaying semiconductor memory characteristics. The gate structure disclosed comprises at least one semiconductor layer comprising a plurality of clusters of a semiconductor material disposed over a first ...

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A bumper for use in an infant crib or the like includes at least one upstanding section adopted to rest along the peripheral edge of the upper surface of the mattress inside the side rail of the crib adjacent thereto. Means are provided for connecting the bumper section to the crib in such a fashion ...

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Chewable smoking substitute composition comprises at least about 40 percent by weight of a gum base and a tobacco alkaloid dispersed in said gum base in an amount sufficent to provide smoking satisfaction.