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An improved process for making a laminar structure of a non-woven mat of melt-blown microfibers and a pre-formed porous web. The process involves laying down upon a pre-formed moving web a layer of melt blown microfibers. The web is then moved over the zone where sub-atmospheric pressures are mainta ...

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A vascular tourniquet or snare for use in a surgical procedure where it is desired to limit or restrict flow through a body vessel or to secure a tube within such vessel. The tourniquet or snare consists of an elongate sheath through which a rigid retractor extends. A tape or cord wrapped about the ...

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A cosmetic suture for use in attaching hair pieces to the human scalp consists of a suitably shaped needle having a hollow trailing shank which encompasses a short length of teflon tubing. A short length of stainless steel wire or ribbon is inserted through the teflon tubing to complete the suture u ...

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A source of energy is selectively applied to a liquid stream to reduce the surface tension of the liquid and is applied before the stream would randomly break up into droplets. Both the quantity of energy applied and the time period that the energy is applied are controlled to control the time to dr ...

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A multi-layer molded article is formed by injection molding two thermoplastic materials onto a mandrel, each in a separate injection molding step to form a multi-layer parison. The parison is then blow molded, cooled and removed from the mandrel. Prior to injection of the second thermoplastic materi ...

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A support for bracing the musculo-tendinous units in the upper and lower extremities of humans especially for the prevention of 'tennis elbow.' A flexible, arcuately shaped pad especially adapted to be tightly wrapped about a muscle without slippage is constructed of a two layer laminate of cloth an ...

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A gunsight mount composed of two support members, an upper sight support member and a lower attaching post member, is disclosed. One of the members has a recess, the other a projection fitting into the recess. A spring biased cam operated jaw is slidably mounted in the recess member transverse the r ...

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A resting furniture which includes an adjustable unit and a support frame; the adjustable unit includes several members that are connected with each other by joint means and by a support installation, whereby the members are held in position at the support installation by means of fixing mechanisms.

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A pipe coupling with a sealing gasket enclosed in a housing intended to be applied about the pipe ends which are to be interconnected and having a substantially C-shaped cross-section with end edges constructed as sealing lips which are intended to sealingly bear against a respective one of the pipe ...

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An adaptive transversal equalizer acts jointly with a phase-jitter compensator to achieve substantially jitter-free passband equalization of a suppressed-carrier coherent data signal without the use of transmitted pilot tones. The received signal is split into quadrature components for separate equa ...