Jones Jack W: Borehole electrolytic power supply. Sun Oil Company, Church George L, Johnson Donald R, Holder John E, April 8, 1975: US3876471 (57 worldwide citation)

Power supply apparatus for generating electrical energy for a sustained period of time within the environment of an earth borehole filled with drilling mud. The power supply is used in a downhole well logging system for supplying electrical energy to circuitry located down within the borehole and in ...

McCoy Frederic C, Eckert George W: Process of preparing novel micro emulsions. Texaco, Whaley Thomas H, Ries Carl G, April 8, 1975: US3876391 (57 worldwide citation)

This invention concerns a process for preparing water-in-petroleum type of micro emulsions. These emulsions are stable and clear and contain substantially greater quantities of water-soluble additives than it is normally possible to disperse when using the petroleum fraction alone.

Bliss William W: Electrical verification and identification system. Jessup & Beecher, April 8, 1975: US3876865 (56 worldwide citation)

An electrically encoded system is provided which includes a base with a first matrix mounted on the base and formed of a first plurality of electrical conductors spaced and insulated from one another, and which may also include a second plurality of electrical conductors mounted on the base which ar ...

Haase Donald A: Food tray with integral cover. Mobil Oil Corporation, Huggett C A, April 8, 1975: US3876130 (52 worldwide citation)

A foamed plastic food tray having a cover of the same material hinged to one side of the tray is formed with a simple, secure latch constituted by a portion of a strengthening rim about the periphery of the tray and a slot in a depressed flute of a skirt at the front of the cover.

Eusemann Stephan: Tile, particularly for interior decoration. Dynamit Nobel Aktiengesellschaft, Craig & Antonelli, April 8, 1975: US3875716 (51 worldwide citation)

A tile, particularly for interior decoration, wherein the tile has a defined configuration and a surface structure formed of a plurality of zones of different color hues. The zones subdivide the lateral edges of the tile into sections of equal lengths and/or multiples thereof and in a tile having fo ...

Lozano Ernesto B: Method and means for protecting documents. Sandoe Hopgood & Calimafde, April 8, 1975: US3876496 (51 worldwide citation)

A safety paper composition is provided for protective documents in which a stabilized dye in the colloidal size range is dispersed. The dye which is substantially masked from view is sensitive to liquid ink eradicators such as bleach solutions and organic solvents in which the dye is soluble. A dye ...

Scheingold William Samuel, Purdy Lawrence, Youngfleish Frank Christian: Device for connecting leadless integrated circuit packages to a printed-circuit board. AMP Incorporated, Osborne Esq Allan B, April 8, 1975: US3877064 (50 worldwide citation)

This invention relates to a device which electrically connects a leadless integrated circuit package to a printed circuit board. More particularly, the device includes a square frame having a plurality of 'S' shaped contacts arranged along each side of the housing. The lower end of the contact elect ...

Stinson Leon B: Method and system for determining the position of an acoustic generator in a borehole. Hughes Tool Company, Felsman Robert A, April 8, 1975: US3876016 (50 worldwide citation)

The specification discloses a method and system for determining the position of a drill bit employed in drilling a borehole in the formations through employment of an acoustic vibration oscillator adapted to be operated by fluid pumped down a tubing or drill string and acoustically coupled with a ca ...

Arnold Anthony Francis, Miller Anthony Zbigniew: Method of bonding metals together. RCA Corporation, Christoffersen H, Spechler A I, April 8, 1975: US3875652 (49 worldwide citation)

A wire of a soft metal, such as gold, silver, or copper, can be ultrasonically bonded to a base metal substrate by coating the wire with a thin layer of an alloy of nickel-phosphorus, coating the substrate with a relatively thicker layer of an alloy of cobalt-phosphorus, and applying ultrasonic vibr ...

Hoffman Clarence A: Paper mill waste sludge oxidation and product recovery. Sterling Drug, Johnson Thomas L, Wyatt B Woodrow, April 8, 1975: US3876497 (49 worldwide citation)

Paper mill waste sludges are subjected to wet air oxidation whereby organic materials are converted to innocuous oxidation products, and the inorganic filler materials, e.g., titanium dioxide, clay and the like, are recovered in a form suitable for reuse.