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A collapsible plastic bladder-like prosthesis of the same external form as the nucleus pulposis of an intervertebral disc has a stem through which liquid and/or plastic is introduced to inflate the prosthesis to natural form. The top and bottom have stud-like protrusions which fit into sockets which ...

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Fastener attachment apparatus and method for separating a fastener attachment device comprising two end bars and a filament coupled therebetween from stock comprising two undivided and continuous side members and a plurality of cross links coupled therebetween and dispensing the devices through one ...

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An electrosurgery instrument having a radio frequency oscillator energized from a power supply controlled by a switching arrangement to produce either dc, full wave rectified ac, or half-wave rectified ac at its output, depending upon whether it is desired to operate in the cut, coagulate, or fulgur ...

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Microporous films are produced by a process of quenching a polymer solution cast in a quench bath containing a non-solvent system for the polymer to form micropores in the resulting polymer film.

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Lead-acid storage batteries of various load ratings are tested with at least service station accuracy by discharging the battery at a known temperature and a single predetermined load, irrespective of the actual load rating of the battery, to provide an electrical quantity representative of the term ...

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A field-effect liquid crystal structure having birefringent properties controlled by crossed electric fields in conjunction with crossed polarizing units.

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An electronically controlled gaming machine having poker-like rules of play, the machine comprises a matrix of card memory stages in rows and columns, each memory stage having three conditions and an output which is energised in one of the conditions. An indicator device includes a plurality of indi ...

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Non-nutritive carbohydrate substitutes are prepared by polycondensation of saccharides in the presence of polycarboxylic acid catalyst at reduced pressure and are useful in dietetic food compositions.

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An automatic banking system which offers personal teller assistance to a bank customer who may be having difficulty in using an automatic banking unit at a remote customer station to carry out any one of a number of banking services offered by a complete automatic banking system, such as depositing, ...

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The kinetic energy of the exhaust gas from an internal combustion engine is utilized as a driving fluid to aspirate a large volume of quiescent ambient air as a driven fluid for cooling the exhaust gas quickly in a very short path of travel. This mode of operation is to be distinguished from convent ...