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Sulfur containing organosilicon compounds having the formula:Z--Alk--S.sub.n --Alk--Zin which Z is: ##SPC1##Where R.sub.1 is alkyl of 1 to 4 carbon atoms cyclohexyl or phenyl and R.sub.2 is alkoxy of 1 to 8 carbon atoms, cycloalkoxy of 5 to 8 carbon atoms or alkylmercapto of 1 to 8 carbon atoms, alk ...

Champlin Keith S: Electronic battery testing device. Gilliam James W, Lisa Donald J, March 25, 1975: US3873911 (177 worldwide citation)

A self-contained electronic device for testing storage batteries is disclosed. The testing device is electrically connected to the battery undergoing test by means of special spring clips. Electronic circuitry in the testing device effectively detects and measures the battery's inverse dynamic resis ...

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Several packages are disclosed which contain food and which are used for storing, heating and serving the food. The food may be heated by inserting the package in an electric toaster or other similar heating device.

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A communication system for simultaneously transmitting a video and audio signal through the same transmission line. The transmission line can be a standard telephone line, and the video signal can be transmitted by FM slow scan TV techniques, while the audio signal can be transmitted by AM single si ...

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A powered walker for use by disabled persons in a standing position within the walker comprises a four-sided frame extending vertically upward from a platform with the frame being supported below the platform for transportational movement by a pair of front wheels, one of which is powered, and by a ...

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An impact absorbing covering for protective headgear including a hard shell of one or two material thicknesses and having on its inside surface for contact with the protective headgear, a multitude of fluid chambers normally having direct flow communication with the atmosphere or with a sealed chamb ...

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This disclosure sets forth an engine wherein the combustion section includes a combustor with a main combustion burner having a hot fluid injected thereinto from a pilot burner. A multiplicity of swirling jets of a cooler oxidizer fluid are directed into the combustor for engaging with the hot pilot ...

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The reflector is constructed of transparent material and has on its rear face a plurality of first and second retrodirective reflector elements. The optical axes of the first reflector elements are arranged at a different angle than the optical axes of the second reflector elements. The first and se ...

Bloch Paul P: Fish hook holder and knot tying device. Moodus Sports Products, March 25, 1975: US3873140 (85 worldwide citation)

A fish hook holder and knot tying device is presented having a main barrel, a removable end cap to which is fastened a needle housed in a recess in the barrel, a spring clip hook holder aligned with a threading funnel through the barrel, and three tying fingers extending from one end of the barrel.

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An internal combustion engine, having a heat exchange cooling system, a fan for moving air therethrough and a shroud and shroud exit section for controlling the air path. The shroud exit encloses the fan and includes throat (CF) radial expander (R) and radial flat (RF) sections whereby air is drawn ...