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An improved combined laparoscopic needle and forceps comprising an elongated parallelogram type of linkage suitable for insertion through a trocar and having first and second ends, a needle, means for mounting said needle on said first end for movement from a position in substantial alignment with s ...

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A large valve actuator assembly driven by an electrically conducting liquid enclosed in a hermetically sealed housing. The conducting liquid contained within the housing is circulated by electromagnetic forces without housing penetrations. The circular flow of the liquid impinges on a vane structure ...

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A tunable laser having a rotatable mirror as one portion of the laser cavity and a diffraction grating positioned with respect to the rotatable mirro such that the rotatable mirror causes the laser beam to scan the diffraction grating and thereby change the effective wavelength of the output laser b ...

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There is disclosed a constant magnitude alternating current source connected to at least one electrical impedance to be measured. First and second voltage detectors are connected to the electrical impedance to measure voltage across first and second portions of the electrical impedance, respectively ...

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A bottom structure for containers particularly suited for carbonated beverage bottles. The bottom end is formed with a domed center portion and an intersecting downwardly convexed semi-torus portion which is interrupted by a plurality of radially arranged rib configurations extending from the side w ...

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A device for fixation of preparturient vaginal prolapse in large animals consisting of a headed pin adapted to be inserted through the vaginal wall and exterior tissues and a washer-like member held in position on the outside so that the interior button will hold the vaginal wall in place during par ...

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Method and apparatus for promoting metallurgical reactions in molten metal employing high speed stirring.

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An endoscope of the type in which a visual field extending from its front surface to one side surface is observable by turning a turnable portion of an image-receiving optical system mounted at the front portion of the endoscope. The endoscope is provided with a guide member which serves to hold the ...

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A system for automatically handling and processing hospital data, such as patient information and pathological test information, on an inline basis is disclosed as including a central data processing apparatus for storing and processing such data, a storage area in said data processing apparatus for ...

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This invention relates to an electrophotographic recording material consisting of an electroconductive support material and a photoconductive double layer of organic materials which consists of a homogeneous, opaque, charge carrier producing dyestuff layer of a compound corresponding to the general ...