Hartop William L: Expandable drug delivery device. Ortho Pharmaceutical Corporation, Lambert Benjamin F, February 11, 1975: US3865108 (174 worldwide citation)

A drug delivery device having a drug containing zone associated with and partially defined by a material which swells on contact with body fluids. When swelling occurs, the pressure on the drug containing zone expels the drug from the device.

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A bracket assembly couples a hand-held showerhead to a stationary supply pipe and provides a readily engaged or disengaged stationary mounting for the showerhead. The bracket assembly includes a pair of C-shaped clamping arms hingedly connected at one end to each other, each arm in turn being pivota ...

Bennett Jr Victor A: Monitoring transmission link by comparing pseudorandom signals. Currier Smith Corporation, Hieken Charles, Cohen Jerry, February 11, 1975: US3866217 (109 worldwide citation)

A monitoring remote location has alarm sensors and a data transmitter for transmitting alarm and pseudorandom number signals over a direct line to a data detector at the monitoring central location. The monitoring location has a pseudorandom number signal generator that generates at essentially the ...

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A laser beam manipulator device, particularly useful as a surgical scalpel, comprises a tube connectable at one end to a movable conduit down which a laser beam propagates and a beam targeting member carried by the tube at its opposite end. The manipulator device includes a lens that focuses the las ...

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A process and apparatus for the removal of carbon dioxide from a gaseous stream, wherein the CO.sub.2 content ranges from trace amounts up to 50 mole percent, and for subsequent transfer to another gas stream by thermal regeneration. A special composition comprising a finely ground mixture of potass ...

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A low leakage power input circuit for electromedical or other electrical equipment having an electrical power element, normally the primary winding of a transformer, and where the leakage current from the supply circuit to a grounding circuit should be very small made up of a power cord made up of a ...

Pothier Robert G, Ford Thomas E: Partially shielded food package for dielectric heating. Trans World Services, Kenway & Jenney, February 11, 1975: US3865301 (90 worldwide citation)

A food package comprising a container of dielectric sheet material and a conductive sheet thereon. The conductive sheet is of smaller area than the dielectric sheet and is shaped and oriented in relation to the package wall configuration to expose a plurality of food articles therein differentially ...

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This disclosure describes a portable, separable unit containing heart monitor and defibrillator portions. Both units have separate, rechargeable power supplies. This enables separate operation of the monitor portion when it is removed from the combined unit housing. Switch means within the monitor p ...

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Removal of excess or undesirable solder from printed circuit boards that may contain through-holes, conductors, connectors, etc. is accomplished by covering such boards with liquid flux, contacting with liquid solder, removing from the solder, and subsequently passing intermediate offset, hot gas je ...

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A throw-away teeth protector comprising an arcuate base member having channel-shaped cross-section and a string of plastic material in the arcuate channel, said string having a free surface adapted to be forced against the points of the teeth to be protected, when the protector is to be used, so tha ...