Gazza George E, Lindley Michael W: Ceramic-metal systems by infiltration. The United States of America represented by the Secretary of the Army, The Secretary of State for Defence Ministry of Defence, Gibson Robert P, February 4, 1975: US3864154 (237 worldwide citation)

This invention covers ceramic-metal compositions fabricated by infiltrating porous ceramic compact with a molten metal impregnant. A cold pressed compact of silicon boride, aluminum boride, boron, and (aluminum boride-boron) were each positioned between powdered aluminum in a vacuum furnace which en ...

Reaney Albert, Taylor Michael: Retractable blade knife. Stanley Tools, Prutzman Hayes Kalb & Chilton, February 4, 1975: US3863339 (166 worldwide citation)

The retractable blade knife of the present invention is designed to have the minimum number of parts and to require the minimum amount of fabrication. The casing is in two parts, namely, a body of molded plastic and a cover of pressed sheet metal, which come apart for removal and replacement of the ...

Kleaveland Richard N: Disposable visceral retainer. Chernoff & Vilhauer, February 4, 1975: US3863639 (122 worldwide citation)

A collapsible disposable retainer device for insertion beneath an abdominal incision for temporarily retaining viscera inside the abdominal cavity of a patient during closure of an abdominal incision following surgery. The retractor is in the form of a flat oval-shaped piece of transparent flexible ...

Buuck Robert Enno: Peterson Stuart R, February 4, 1975: US3863622 (110 worldwide citation)

An inflatable cuff unit has an expansible chamber formed by a readily deformable wall and a relatively rigid wall. The relatively rigid wall contains a number of threads or cords embedded therein with projecting end portions that are tied together when the cuff is implanted in an encircling relation ...

Miller Calvin Max: Method and means for splicing arrays of optical fibers. Bell Telephone Laboratories Incorporated, Graves C E, February 4, 1975: US3864018 (103 worldwide citation)

Multiple linear arrays of optical fiber cable are aligned and spliced by use of a thin rigid chip with a large number of closely spaced parallel longitudinal fiber-receiving grooves having a uniform cross section. An array splice is built by stacking successive layers of chips and linearly arrayed f ...

Nakamura Yositugu, Hasegawa Ryoichi, Kubota Hiroaki: Polyester/polycarbonate/graft copolymer thermoplastic resin composition. Teijin, Sherman & Shalloway, February 4, 1975: US3864428 (96 worldwide citation)

A thermoplastic resin composition which comprisesA. 25 to 85 percent by weight of an aromatic polyester,B. 10 to 75 percent by weight of an aromatic polycarbonate, andC. 2 to 35 percent by weight of a graft copolymer of a butadiene polymer-vinyl monomer,The proportion of the butadiene polymer compon ...

Hukuba Hiroshi: Carpet sweeper. Woodhams Blanchard and Flynn, February 4, 1975: US3863285 (94 worldwide citation)

A carpet sweeper with provision of: a rotating brush supported transversely within the lower portion of a housing to sweep up the dust on the floor when said housing moving there along; a pair of cleaning combs attached to said housing in parallel with the axis of said rotating brush, in such a mann ...

Lezatte Arthur J: Weighted wood golf club. Wilson Sporting Goods Co, Hill Gross Simpson Van Santen Steadman Chiara & Simpson, February 4, 1975: US3863932 (90 worldwide citation)

An improved wood-type golf club having a club head in which a recess is formed, the recess being filled with an insert, a dense weighting means within the insert, and a layer of an impact resistant resin within the insert holding the weighting means therein, the weighting means being positioned to p ...

Viglione Sam S, Ordon Vladimir A, Martin William B, Kesler Jr Carl C: Epileptic seizure warning system. The United States of America represented by the Secretary Department, Jeu D N, Jason Walter J, Royer Donald L, February 4, 1975: US3863625 (80 worldwide citation)

Epileptic seizure warning system based on pattern recognition principles is embodied in a small self-contained device which can be carried in a pocket of a person subject to grand mal seizures, to monitor the person's condition and provide sufficient advance warning of any imminent seizure so that t ...

Wolinski Leon E, Endress Arthur R: Polymer foam compositions. Pratt & Lambert, Christel & Bean, February 4, 1975: US3864181 (80 worldwide citation)

A composition and method for forming foamed polymers is provided. The compositions comprise a dispersion of microspheres in a solution of the polymer in a solvent. The compositions are applied to substrate, dried, and heated to expand the microspheres, thus formong a foamed polymer.

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