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Modified polymers, praticularly polyolefins having improved flow and in some instances improved adhesion properties over that of a polymeric, e.g. polyolefin, base stock used as a starting material, are produced by a controlled reaction often involving degradation in an extruder, in which an initiat ...

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A cool wall radiantly heated chemical vapor deposition reactor includes a plurality of banks of elongated heat lamps surrounding the radiant energy transmissive wall of the reactor for heating the susceptor in the reactor on which the wafer substrates are supported. Each bank of lamps includes a seg ...

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Described herein are self-regulating conductive articles comprised of an extruded length of polymeric material containing not more than about 15 percent by weight conductive carbon black, the resistivity of the extrudate following prolonged exposure to temperatures in excess of the crystalline melti ...

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A hinged case is divided into an intake chamber and an exhaust chamber, said chambers being connected by a centrifugal blower. An intake opening is formed in the case communicating the atmosphere with the intake chamber through a filter disposed within said opening. An exhaust opening is formed with ...

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An anaesthetist's ventilator includes a cylinder adapted for connection to a respiratory tube connected to an Ayres T-piece and a face mask or endotrachael tube with a gas supply being connected thereto, the cylinder having a vent connecting to atmosphere, a gas flow control valve reciprocable withi ...