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An elastically contractable, flexible side position for an integral disposable diaper. The side portion extends along the lateral edge of the diaper and an elastic contracting member is attached to the side portion adjacent the outer lateral edge of the side portion to elastically contract the outer ...

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A progressive die for fabricating a piecepart is automatically described and/or fabricated in response to input signals representing co-ordinate dimensions on a drawing of the piecepart. The co-ordinate signals, including outlines, holes, bends, etc., are recorded and transformed to represent a flat ...

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A surgical device includes a flexible inner tube having one end dipped in a liquid refrigerant, a flexible outer tube receiving the inner tube and having a freezing tip disposed at a distance from the other end of the inner tube to define a space therebetween, and a vacuum pump for evacuating the ou ...

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An electro-luminiscent solid state lamp that may selectively include either a visible light or infra-red light emitting diodes in combination with a hermetically sealed assembly for maintaining the selected diode in isolation from contact with the ambient atmosphere, with the assembly concurrently a ...

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In the representative embodiments of the new and improved methods and apparatus for testing earth formations disclosed herein, fluid-admitting means are placed into sealing engagement with a potentially-productive earth formation. A first test chamber coupled to the fluid-admitting means is then slo ...

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A keyboard device utilizing a conductive plastic material layer which contacts circuit elements or pathways, the improvement of snapable plastic means raised on a pedestal through which it snaps through center to provide a feel of completion of circuit contact to the user.

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An operating table accessory for use particularly in eye surgery comprising an instrument tray and having an underlying ventilation fitting suspended over the patient's chest by an arched support member releasibly and terminally mounted in sockets in the sides of the operating table. The ventilation ...

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A device and method is described for forming a thermoplastic material into a predetermined layer configuration. The device comprises a body which defines a passage having inlet and outlet ports on opposite sides of the body. A flexible wall portion separates the passage from a cavity within the body ...

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A rotating electric machine of the multipole type which has a permanent magnet rotor magnetized in such a way that the number of stator salient poles is less than the number of permanent magnet poles. The machine has a smaller cogging force and is easily manufactured. The cogging force is made small ...

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A ball and socket joint or coupling for securing tubular members in end-to-end relation, said coupling comprising a first element having a substantially spherical portion for disposition within a complementary recess in an outer element to secure the tubular members together. Inflatable sealing mean ...