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A pressure-sensitive sheet construction having particular utility as a durable, reusable bulletin board surface, comprises a substrate bonded to at least one surface thereof a binder material; partially embedded in the exposed surface of the binder and protruding therefrom are inherently tacky elast ...

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A multi-purpose information gathering and distribution system in which a plurality of remote stations are controlled by and report to a central station. The central station includes an omni-directional antenna which radiates a modulated information signal to all of the remote stations. At predetermi ...

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An electric incandescent lamp has a refractory metal wire coil in series with the lamp filament in order to limit inrush current to the filament. After a short period of lamp operation, a bimetallic switch shorts out the wire coil.

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A protective circuit arrangement for a motor driven band cutter machine, wherein the band cutter is electrically insulated from the rest of the machine and is connected as capacitance in a bridge circuit which is balanced during normal operation and which when unbalanced provides an output signal by ...

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A rotary drilling rig has the traveling block suspended from the crown block. A gear case is connected to a hydraulic swivel, a sub extended from the swivel through the gear case and connected to a sprocket which at the end of a gear chain extended from a drawworks. The gear case and swivel are both ...

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A composite color TV signal having the chrominance modulated and interleaved at the null points of the luminance frequency spectrum is comb filtered only over the region where the chrominance occurs. The filter separates luminance from chrominance. The chrominance is further demodulated and separate ...

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Device for stimulating the heart comprises means for producing stimulating pulses at regular intervals and means responsive to spontaneous heart signals for controlling the transmission of said pulses to the heart in dependence upon the timing and magnitude of the spontaneous heart signals and/or th ...

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A novel female coaxial connector adapted for universal use as a push-on or quick-disconnect connector and as a threaded connector, embodying a novel outer-conductor combined threaded and resilient sleeve terminal section that, with a common resilient, inner-conductor, clip-like contact means, provid ...

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A multi-channel microwave antenna system having a plurality of antennas and daptable for use with aerodynamic or space vehicles. The system is of small size and light weight and has good decoupling between channel antennas. Dielectric radiators are embedded in a foam dielectric in an end fire array ...

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A suture clamp includes a compressible member having a hole extending therethrough and means for locking the suture in the hole, the locking means including a ridge extending along a first outer surface of the member substantially transverse to the hole. The ridge is pressed into the member by a sci ...