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Drug-delivery system for releasing drug at a controlled rate for a prolonged period of time is formed from a solid inner matrix material having solid particles of drug dispersed therethrough. Surrounding the inner matrix is an outer polymeric membrane, insoluble in body fluids. Both the inner matrix ...

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Continuous filament webs of thermoplastic polymers, such as polypropylene, are bonded to provide webs with desirable characteristics such as textile-like drape and softness, strength, abrasion resistant surfaces, and a high capacity for absorbing energy. One illustrated method of bonding the webs wh ...

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A gas reactor for depositing thin films such as silicon dioxide, the lid of the reactor includes a plurality of concentric rings and a plurality of ports disposed between adjacent rings, a generally radial flow above the specimens is maintained in the reactor.

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A sealing mechanism is disclosed for use in combination rotary and reciprocating applications. In particular, the sealing mechanism disclosed can be used on single and double acting installations as a sealing mechanism in cylinders, pumps, valves, and rods. The sealing mechanism generally comprises ...

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A laminated label and method of labeling an article is disclosed and the label comprises a layer of transparent plastic film having a layer of transparent pressure sensitive adhesive on one face thereof, and a layer of paper having a release coating on one surface thereof is applied to the adhesive ...

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An automatic production system is provided having a plurality of program controlled machine tools and a conveying system for conveying different units of work to selected of said tools for performing pre-programmed operations on said work. The conveyance for the work comprises a plurality of work ho ...

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A method is provided for making polyetherimides having improved heat stability involving the initial production of a polyetherimide by the nitro-displacement of dinitro-bisimide with alkali diphenoxide and the employment with the resulting polyetherimide of an alkali metal phenoxide stabilizer.

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A slider support for a magnetic head assembly is formed with taper flat or step flat outer rails to provide a positive pressure region, and with a recessed portion delineated by an inverse step cross rail between the outer rails and disposed toward the leading edge of the slider element to provide a ...

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A method for providing a permeably consolidated gravel pack in a well borehole penetrating a subterranean formation is provided. A slurry composition containing a particulate material coated with an uncured epoxy resin and a curing agent slurried in a hydrocarbon oil is introduced into the formation ...

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A device for use in the deposition of impressionable material into a desired site, the resulting impression being used in the fabrication process for the formation of one or more synthetic tooth structures. The device is quite adaptable to loading with impressionable material by means of suction and ...