Dreyer William J: Immunological reagent and radioimmuno assay. Haefliger William W, December 10, 1974: US3853987 (316 worldwide citation)

A broad new class of reagents permits extremely sensitive and specific assay for, or chemical separation of, a broad range of biological and nonbiological substances. Each reagent consists of a suspension of microscopic carrier material particles, each particle bearing (1) tracer material--fluoresce ...

Spademan Richard G: Elastic sealing member. Becker Warren M, December 10, 1974: US3853127 (260 worldwide citation)

A method and apparatus is provided for closing a perforation in an elastic sealing member upon the withdrawal of a penetrating instrument therefrom.Means are provided for generating a non-uniform stress in the member in a plane substantially normal to the longitudinal axis of penetration. The stress ...

Dahl Herbert Douglas, Edmond Tibor O: Guidance system for a horizontal drilling apparatus. Continental Oil Company, Miller William J, December 10, 1974: US3853185 (215 worldwide citation)

A drilling apparatus for forming a horizontal borehole substantially parallel to a first drilled horizontal borehole which has a signal generating apparatus inserted into the first borehole. A horizontal drill is inserted into the subterranean strata adjacent the first drilled borehole and operated ...

Marmor Leonard: Knee prosthesis. Richards Manufacturing Company, Walker III John R, December 10, 1974: US3852830 (149 worldwide citation)

Knee prosthesis for permitting total or partial replacement of the articulating surface portions of the knee. Two cooperating components are disclosed, one is a femoral component for attachment to one of the condyles of the femur and the other is a tibial component for attachment to the tibia. The t ...

Duret Jean: Electrical connection for aerated insulation coaxial cables. Les Cables De Lyon, Sughrue Rothwell Mion Zinn & Macpeak, December 10, 1974: US3854003 (143 worldwide citation)

Connection for joining end to end, two sections of coaxial cable, comprising two metallic half-shells having elastic and truncated cone-shaped ends, by centering and fixing the half-shells round the central conductor of the sections and of the ends of their external conductors and clamping the ends ...

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A shaped article such as a fiber comprising a homogeneous mixture of silicon carbide and nitride is produced by pyrolyzing at about 200.degree. to 800.degree.C a silazane to produce a fusible carbosilazane resin, forming the resin into fiber and heating the fiber in an inert atmosphere to about 800 ...

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A system for injecting sample fluids from a plurality of containers into a sample receiver. The containers are supported on removable racks having a plurality of permanent cam tracks on its lower surface which cooperate with switches to produce binary information identifying the sample rack and samp ...

Schulte Rudolf R: Artery-to-vein shunt. Heyer Schulte Corporation, Mon Donald D, December 10, 1974: US3853126 (107 worldwide citation)

An artery-to-vein shunt for long-term implantation in a human body to give external access to the arterial and venous system. The shunt includes a first and a second button adapted to be engaged in an aperture through the skin. A peripheral groove in a peripheral wall of each button receives an adja ...

Bailie Richard C: Production of high energy fuel gas from municipal wastes. Bacon & Thomas, December 10, 1974: US3853498 (92 worldwide citation)

Municipal waste is converted into high energy fuel gas by pyrolyzing same in a pyrolysis reaction zone, the heat energy required for such endothermic pyrolysis reaction being transferred from an exothermic reaction zone. Both reaction zones comprise a bed of fluidized inert solids, and the heat of p ...

Franz John E: Regulating plants with n-phosphonomethylglycine and derivatives thereof. Monsanto Company, Cole Arnold H, Peterson Donald W, Willis Neal E, December 10, 1974: US3853530 (90 worldwide citation)

N-phosphonomethylglycine and derivatives thereof useful to regulate the natural growth or development of plants.