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A method and apparatus for monitoring blood glucose levels. In the preferred embodiment a glucose diffusion-limited fuel cell is implanted in a living body. The output current of the fuel cell is proportional to the glucose concentration of the body fluid electrolyte and is therefore directly indica ...

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A disposable staple cartridge housing a plurality of staples on a flexible belt and adapted to inject and form the staples, singly, into the disunited skin or fascia of a patient. Downwardly projecting flanges on a staple pusher act directly on the forwardmost staple positioned between a pair of adj ...

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A cylindrical catheter-type instrument has a tubular member slidable lengthwise relative to a distal head member. The instrument may be inserted in the distal end of a vein in closed position causing it to pass through the venous valves in the direction of normal blood flow. When the instrument is p ...

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A multiple glazing unit comprising two glass sheets and at least one impact resistant middle sheet of plastic material which to compensate for the elongation of the plastic and for temperature changes is so mounted that there is an additional space for the middle sheet in which to expand in its own ...

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A catheter device having a tubular assembly with a forward probe portion including spaced proximal and distal members having electrodes secured thereto and being provided with inflatable means comprising a balloon member interconnecting said members; and fluid receiving means in communication with t ...

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Electrophotographic plates are provided having a charge generation layer and a separate charge transport layer comprising a tri-aryl pyrazoline compound having the formula: ##SPC1##Wherein n is zero or one, and A, A.sup.1 and A.sup.2 are each aryl radicals.

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To improve the reliability and speed of handling and counting pills, such as for filling prescriptions, an apparatus is provided in which a rotatable turn-table member and coaxial rotatable inner member centrally located of the turn-table and having an upper surface coplanar therewith serve to rotat ...

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An aqueous solution of an alkali metal silicate is mixed with waste material and a silicate setting agent to cause the silicate and setting agent to react with each other. The proportions of the silicate and setting agent are such that the reaction converts the mixture into a consolidated chemically ...

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A surgical instrument (plasma scalpel) generates an electric field plasma in a carrier gas for cutting and/or cauterizing tissue. The instrument includes a tubular conductor for carrying both current and gas to an anode. The gas flows from the tubular conductor, around the surface of an anode, and t ...

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A process for producing a corrosion resistant duplex coating having a metallurgically sealed undercoat, said undercoat being obtained by plasma depositing two or more materials onto a substrate in a substantially unreacted state so that when the coated substrate is heat treated in a non-oxidizing at ...