Ansite William K, Mitchell Jr John J: Integrated helmet and mask structure. Sierra Engineering Company, September 10, 1974: US3833935 (37 worldwide citation)

For flying personnel there is provided a hard shell helmut suitably padded and held out of close contact with the head. An integrated visor assembly has an articulated attachment to the helmet movable between an operative position over the wearer's face and a lifted position extending over the top o ...

Kingsbury William L: Exhaust gas recirculation control valve. General Motors Corporation, Veenstra C K, September 10, 1974: US3834366 (36 worldwide citation)

A vacuum operated valve responsive to exhaust back pressure controls recirculation of exhaust gases from the intake manifold exhaust crossover passage to the intake manifold induction passages.

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A stored program computer is used for functions such as digit analysis and routing control where flexibility is important, while a wired logic time division multiplex register-sender subsystem is used to receive dialing and other call signals and to control outpulsing which require relatively fixed ...

Sisley James R: Blood drip chamber. Sweden Freezer, Seed Berry Vernon & Baynham, September 10, 1974: US3834386 (36 worldwide citation)

A blood drip chamber is provided with a cap having a large penetration area which includes a self-sealing rubber supported by a layer of stiffer material. The inner surface of the stiffening material is at the same general level as the remainder of the inner surface of the cap so that blood is not h ...

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There are provided compositions comprising a polyphenylene ether, a graft copolymer of a diene rubber with a styrene monomer and a normally rigid block copolymer of a vinyl aromatic compound and a conjugated diene. The addition of the normally rigid block copolymer resin to polyphenylene ethers in c ...

Garretson Oliver R, Harmon Richard C: Probe card including a multiplicity of probe contacts and methods of making. Tieco, Roston Ellsworth R, September 10, 1974: US3835381 (35 worldwide citation)

Presented is a probe card useful in testing the effectiveness and utility of semiconductor devices and hybrid circuit substrates prior to the application to such devices and substrates of terminal leads for interconnection with other components. The probe card includes a unitary electrically conduct ...

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The present invention relates to a liquid crystal display cell having an alignment film therein. The present invention also relates to a method of aligning liquid crystal molecules in a selected direction in a liquid crystal display cell. An alignment film whose film growth is oriented in the same d ...

Hoffmann Ambros S: Spinner de-icing for gas turbine engines. Avco, Hogan Charles M, Gron Gary M, September 10, 1974: US3834157 (35 worldwide citation)

The inlet spinner of a gas turbine engine is de-iced by directing a stream of heated lubricant from the lubrication system of a gas turbine engine against a generally concave heat transfer surface formed on the interior of the inlet spinner. The heat transfer surface is formed to maximize the transf ...

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A process and device are provided for non-impact printing with liquid ink, in which ink dots of controlled size are printed at high speed on paper sheet or strip in accordance with desired printing patterns corresponding to printing control signals delivered by a data source. Electrically conductive ...

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The present invention relates to an improved safety pressure relief device of the type having a concave-convex reverse buckling rupture disk supported between inlet and outlet supporting members. By the present invention the rupture disk includes scores on a surface of the concave-convex portion the ...