Dulle Bernard Allen: Textile tampon having a resilient foam core. The Procter & Gamble Company, Lackenbach Elliot A, Witte Richard C, Gorman John V, September 10, 1974: US3834389 (51 worldwide citation)

A textile tampon having a compressible resilient spongiform core within the textile mass to cause the textile mass to expand laterally in the vagina so that the tampon conforms to the cross section of the vagina, thereby forming an intimate contact between the textile mass and the vaginal walls.

Lebold Steve: Easily removable orthopedic shoe platform. Wolk I Louis, September 10, 1974: US3834377 (49 worldwide citation)

This invention relates to an orthopedic device adapted for application to the shoe of a patient having partial paralysis or other infirmities which may induce weak or rolling ankles or a tendency for foot drop and which will provide ankle and foot support, said device being easily attached and remov ...

Nozaki Kenzie: Process for preparing interpolymers of carbon monoxide and ethylenically unsaturated compounds. Shell Oil Company, Faringer Norris E, September 10, 1974: US3835123 (49 worldwide citation)

High molecular weight, crystalline interpolymers of carbon monoxide with one or more unsaturated compounds such as aliphatic monoolefins are prepared by reacting carbon monoxide with said unsaturated compounds in the presence of catalyst consisting essentially of HPd(CN).sub.3. Novel high molecular ...

Scarlett John A: Refrigerator cabinet structure and its manufacture. Philco Ford Corporation, Hargis III Harry W, Sanborn Robert D, September 10, 1974: US3834177 (49 worldwide citation)

In the manufacture of refrigerator cabinets of the dual compartment type, using vacuum forming techniques to mold an integrally formed double cavity liner, desired communicating fluid passages are formed between compartments, through confronting liner walls of adjacent compartment sections. While th ...

Dattilo Anthony J, Zegafuse Jr Donald W: Scanning light synchronization system. International Business Machines Corporation, Girvin Jr John W, September 10, 1974: US3835249 (47 worldwide citation)

A scanning light synchronization system generates a real time clock, the output signal of which indicates the precise position of a scanning light beam. A collimated light beam is diverted by a multi-faceted rotating mirror in a scanning direction. The scanning light beam is split along two paths by ...

Hurst Fred J, Crouse David J: Oxidative stripping process for the recovery of uranium from wet-process phosphoric acid. The United States of America represented by the United States Atomic, Horan John A, Zachry David S, Barrack Irving, September 10, 1974: US3835214 (47 worldwide citation)

A process for the recovery of uranium from a wet-process type phosphoric acid solution is effected by adjusting said solution with sufficient ferrous ion to insure that the uranium is in the uranous form, contacting the adjusted solution with an organic phase consisting essentially of a mono and dis ...

Krohn Duane D, Culbertson Samuel W: High pressure electric fluid heater. Binks Manufacturing Company, Gary Juettner Pigott & Cullinan, September 10, 1974: US3835294 (46 worldwide citation)

A compact and easily cleaned high pressure heater for paint and the like includes a cylindrical core having a continuous spiral groove in the outer surface. A cylindrical cover having open ends is disposed around and in axially slidable engagement with the core to define with the groove a closed end ...

Sato Takuya R: Silver, silver chloride electrodes. Benoit Law Corporation, September 10, 1974: US3834373 (46 worldwide citation)

Silver, silver chloride electrodes comprise a plurality of silver particles and silver chloride particles and an electrically insulating, water impermeable, inert organic matrix therefor. The silver particles and silver chloride particles are interspersed with each other in and throughout the matrix ...

Miranda Luis R: Boxplane wing and aircraft. Lockheed Aircraft Corporation, Corber Billy G, Turner Lowell G, September 10, 1974: US3834654 (45 worldwide citation)

An aircraft wing system wherein a first pair of rearwardly swept wings is interconnected at the wing tips to a second pair of forwardly swept wings, the interconnection being accomplished by a pair of vertically swept fins, the two pair of wings being horizontally and vertically staggered relative t ...

Larson Richard E: Sewer repair apparatus. Cherne Industrial, Dorsey Marquart Windhorst West & Halladay, September 10, 1974: US3834422 (45 worldwide citation)

A sewer repair apparatus for internally repairing leaks in sewer pipes and the like which includes a single grouting sleeve adapted for engagement with the inside surface of the pipe to be repaired, means for selectively expanding portions of the grouting sleeve to define a grouting chamber and to f ...