Taricco Alfred: Intravascular occluding catheter. Dick William J, September 3, 1974: US3833003 (205 worldwide citation)

A balloon type intravascular occluding catheter comprising a first and second flexible tube and a tapered nose at one terminal end of the tubes. An elastic annulus circumscribes the tubes rearwardly of, but adjacent to the nose and is connected in such a manner as to be inflatable to form a balloon ...

Sawyer Harold T: Electronically powered knife. September 3, 1974: US3832776 (193 worldwide citation)

A single blade electronically powered knife has a cylindrical case in which is located a solenoid having a centrally mounted longitudinally oscillating rod. The inner end of the rod is slidably retained in a bearing which has a resilient isolation mounting within the case. On the outer end of the ro ...

Kirk Jr Donald, Paolini Michael J: Electronic bilateral communication system for commercial and supplementary video and digital signaling. Computer Television, Judlowe Stephen B, September 3, 1974: US3833757 (177 worldwide citation)

A bilateral cable communications system -- as for a lodging facility, distributes commercial and supplementary video programs from common equipment to spaced subscriber stations located, for example, in each hotel-motel room. Heterodyne converter apparatus is included at each station for viewing the ...

Gentile Fred J, Chang Jack Chu Wang: Automatic banking system. Docutel Corporation, Richards Harris & Medlock, September 3, 1974: US3833885 (92 worldwide citation)

Acentral processing unit coupled to one or more remote automatic dispensing terminal banking machines provides fully automatic stations for completing banking functions in response to a coded credit card presented to any one of the remote dispensing stations. After the credit card presented to one o ...

Aviram Arieh, Seiden Philip E: Organic memory device. International Business Machines Corporation, Match Isidore, September 3, 1974: US3833894 (90 worldwide citation)

The organic memory device described herein comprises an organic compound having a molecular structure which includes a mixed valence double well of an organic or organometallic redox couple separated by a .sigma., i.e., a non-conjugated bridge, the two components of the redox couple being the respec ...

Olyphant Jr Murray, Rohloff Robert R: Circuitry and method. Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company, Alexander Sell Steldt & Delahunt, September 3, 1974: US3832769 (83 worldwide citation)

A method for mounting semiconductor chips to printed circuitry via conductive columns which extend through the dielectric substrate and electrically communicate with a predetermined pattern of conductive leads on the opposite surface of the substrate. Printed circuitry useful for practicing the meth ...

Taylor Gary Newton, White Donald Lawrence: Guest-host liquid crystal device. Bell Telephone Laboratories Incorporated, Canepa L C, September 3, 1974: US3833287 (79 worldwide citation)

A pleochroic material is dissolved in a helically ordered liquid crystal mixture to form a thin film which selectively absorbs unpolarized incident light. In the absence of an electric field through the film, virtually all of the unpolarized light is absorbed by the film, even without the use of an ...

Waldbauer Jr Henry L, Jones Wylie T, Flippo Jr Edward J: Device for withdrawing or adding fluids to hypodermic syringes. Mason Fenwick & Lawrence, September 3, 1974: US3833030 (76 worldwide citation)

A mechanical device to aid the visually handicapped in loading a hypodermic syringe with a predetermined charge of liquid from a bottle having a penetrable cap, including an elongated base having a cradle and spring clip for releasibly holding the bottle, a carriage for removably supporting a hypode ...

Barker Ronald C: Radiation method for making a surface in relief. Empire Newspaper Supply Corporation, Seidel Gonda & Goldhammer, September 3, 1974: US3832948 (72 worldwide citation)

A surface in relief is formed by scanning coherent radiation over a surface defined by a thin film supported upon a plastic substrate. The wave length of the coherent radiation is chosen so that it is absorbed by the film and hence removes portions of the film exposing the substrate. The coherent ra ...

Balaz Joseph K, Kelly Richard A, Schulze Wolfgang: Modular insulation of fibrous material. Flinn & Dreffein Engineering Company, September 3, 1974: US3832815 (70 worldwide citation)

Ceramic fiber insulation for lining furnaces in which the insulation fibers are formed into prefabricated modules by compression members located at the outer, cold side end portion of the insulation layer and by which the modules are mounted in position of use on the furnace wall.

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