Rosenthal Jr Francis Joseph, Grieb Dale Christian: Fan mounting assembly. Black and Decker Manufacturing Company, Bloom Leonard, Stotnik Joseph R, Murphy Edward D, August 13, 1974: US3829722 (35 worldwide citation)

A portable electric tool including a housing having a motor disposed therein and provided with a rotatable armature shaft. A plastic fan for moving cooling air through the housing is secured and located on the armature shaft in a novel fashion which securely and accurately locates the fan on the sha ...

Bleicher Manfred, Falchle Jorg, Hahner Reinhard, Hansel Gernot, Schmid Wolfgang, Wanner Karl: Combined portable electric impact wrench and chipping hammer. Robert Bosch, Striker Michael S, August 13, 1974: US3828863 (35 worldwide citation)

A combined portable electric impact wrench and chipping hammer wherein the tool holder is movable axially by a pneumatic impeller which receives motion from the output shaft of an electric motor by way of a first transmission and a clutch which latter can be disengaged at the will of the user, and w ...

Becknell William R: Vehicular retractable cover. Semmes J Gibson, August 13, 1974: US3829154 (35 worldwide citation)

In a retractable vehicular cover of the tarpaulin type, a remotely controllable system for the opening and closing of the container or trailer. The invention is particularly adapted to tractor-trailers and trucks.

Wyant James C: Shearing interferometer. Itek Corporation, Blair Homer O, Nathans Robert L, Roch William C, &gt, wavefront being converged to a focal point In a first embodiment in which, the wavefront is comprised of monochromatic radiation two diffraction, gratings having slightly different line spacings are placed near the focal, point of the wavefront The diffraction gratings produce two first, diffraction orders at two slightly different angles which result in a, shearing interferogram in the region of overlap The resulting shearing, interferogram yields wavefront information in one direction Complete, wavefront information in two directions may be obtained by shearing the, wavefront in two orthogonal directions This is accomplished by placing, two additional diffraction gratings having slightly different line, spacings near the focal point of the wavefront and in an orthogonal, direction relative to the first two diffraction gratings In a second, embodiment in which the wavefront is comprised of white light a blazed, diffraction grating is introduced into the interferogram Both the, monochromatic and white light interferometers may use heterodyning real, time phase detection When heterodyning phase detection is used the, irradiance of the interferogram is modulated sinusoidally by translating, sideways at least one of the diffraction gratings, August 13, 1974: US3829219 (35 worldwide citation)

A shearing interferometer for producing a shearing interferogram of a wavefront being converged to a focal point. In a first embodiment in which the wavefront is comprised of monochromatic radiation, two diffraction gratings having slightly different line spacings are placed near the focal point of ...

Stevens F Bradley: Beam construction. L & L Products, Harness Dickey & Pierce, August 13, 1974: US3829149 (35 worldwide citation)

A novel structural beam having energy absorbing and load characteristics admirably suited for protecting the passenger compartment of a vehicle during collision, for example, as a side guard beam. The beam construction comprises a blade-supporting matrix of novel composition and structure contained ...

Spiegel Richard G: Shipping and display carton and blank therefor. Caine Arthur S, August 13, 1974: US3829006 (35 worldwide citation)

An improved folding paper-board carton formed of a unitary blank having longitudinal and transverse fold facilitating score lines whereby the blank is adapted to be formed into a carton, said blank including longitudinal and transverse tear facilitating score lines for the removal of a tear panel wh ...

Hunt Norman: Fluid control valves. Associated Engineering, Brisebois & Kruger, August 13, 1974: US3828818 (35 worldwide citation)

A fluid control valve comprises a solenoid for generating an electromagnetic field, a fluid passage and a ferromagnetic ball for controlling fluid flow through the fluid passage. When the solenoid is energized with electricity the ferromagnetic ball is moved from a first position to a second positio ...

Krasnov Mikhail Mikhailovich, Stelmakh Mitrofan Fedorovich, Malyshev Boris Nikolaevich, Prozorov Vladimir Nikolaevich, Saprykin Pavel Ivanovich, Batrukova Maria Grigorievna: Laser opthalmoscope. Holman & Stern, August 13, 1974: US3828788 (35 worldwide citation)

A laser ophthalmoscope is disclosed comprising a pulse laser the radiation of which passes through a light-guide system and an aiming system so as to be directed to the opthalmologic object which is observed with the help of an illumination system. The light-guide system comprises a light-adding mea ...

Martin John J: Collapsible baking pan. Krafft & Wells, August 13, 1974: US3828966 (35 worldwide citation)

This invention relates to a collapsible baking pan having a disposable liner of aluminum foil. The pan can be collapsed to a substantially flat position for ease of packing.

Gazzola deceased Ivaldo, Gazzola by Eles, Gazzola by Lanfranca, D Amato Salvatore F, Foote Jr Chauncey P: Apparatus for fitting flexible printing plates and rigging to printing press cylinders. American Bank Note Company, Cooper Dunham Clark Griffin & Moran, August 13, 1974: US3828672 (35 worldwide citation)

This printing press includes improved mechanism for clamping the edges of a flexible printing plate adjacent the leading and trailing edges of the saddle of a printing press cylinder. An auxiliary roll mechanism permits the flexible printing plate or rigging sheet to be held smooth and under tension ...