Mellor Eli K: Needle or catheter retaining appliance. Verco, Haefliger William W, July 30, 1974: US3826254 (619 worldwide citation)

An appliance for securely retaining a needle or catheter type device in operative position on a patient's body.

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A thumbtack microelectrode for making extracellular chronic recordings from single nerve cells in the cerebral cortex in unrestrained animals over prolonged periods of time comprises a rigid electrode shaft, which is microwelded to one side of a tack head-like disc, and a flexible electrical conduct ...

Cage John M, Shaw Robert F, Stoft Paul E: Electrically heated surgical cutting instrument. Shaw Robert F, Smith A C, July 30, 1974: US3826263 (181 worldwide citation)

A surgical cutting instrument includes an electrically heated cutting edge and an automatic control system for maintaining the cutting edge at a constant high temperature for sterilizing the blade, cutting tissue, and cauterizing the incised tissue to reduce hemorrhage from the cut surfaces of the t ...

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A particle sorting method and apparatus for separating minute particles incorporated in a liquid stream in accordance with selected particle parameters. Particles such as biological cells to be separated are incorporated in the inner or central portion of a confined coaxial flow stream which include ...

Eschbaugh John T: Quick connect tube coupling joint. Parker Hannifin Corporation, Wolfram John N, July 30, 1974: US3826523 (107 worldwide citation)

A tube coupling joint in which a beaded tube with a packing ring and a collet with spring fingers mounted on the tube is attached to a coupling body by simply pushing the tube into the body. Upon such insertion the collet fingers spring radially behind a shoulder in the nut to prevent withdrawal of ...

Johnson Arthur R: Subscription television system using audio and video carrier reversal. Oak, Kinzer Plyer Dorn & McEachran, July 30, 1974: US3826863 (98 worldwide citation)

A subscription television system reverses the audio and video carriers within a particular channel on a random basis. A switching signal, nominally one Mhz beneath the video carrier, is transmitted to each of the receivers for use in effecting decoding at each receiver location.

Wahlberg Eric C: Apparatus for transacting business. Fisher Christen & Sabol, July 30, 1974: US3826344 (94 worldwide citation)

Apparatus for transacting business by the use of a standard currency, credit cards, checks, bank drafts, deposit vouchers, large denomination paper currency or foreign currency including means for registering a credit against an account or the cost of items to be purchased and means for remotely con ...

Steinmann Helmut: Capacitive detector device. Robert Bosch, Flynn & Frishauf, July 30, 1974: US3826979 (91 worldwide citation)

A stray field capacitor with three plates edge to edge in a row has its center plate grounded, and normally most of the stray field of a signal applied to one of the end plates is between that end plate and the center plate which shields the other end plate. A reverse phase signal of proper amplitud ...

Hammond Donald L: Dual crystal resonator apparatus. Hewlett Packard Company, Smith A C, July 30, 1974: US3826931 (91 worldwide citation)

Algebraic combination of the frequencies of two or more selected modes of piezoelectric crystal resonator vibrations yields a total frequency signal output which has a substantially zero temperature coefficient of frequency.

Zieger Claus D: Adjustable mounting arrangement for hand-held shower head. Interbath, Rose & Edell, July 30, 1974: US3826454 (89 worldwide citation)

An adjustable mounting arrangement for hand-held shower heads includes a frusto-conical hose coupling, secured to the shower head, and a wall-mounted bracket in which the coupling is supported. The bracket includes opposed sidewalls containing a plurality of opposed pairs of channels of tapered arcu ...