Pohlman Reimar, Cichos Manfred: Apparatus for disintegrating concretions in body cavities of living organisms by means of an ultrasonic probe. Pohlman Reimar, July 16, 1974: US3823717 (157 worldwide citation)

An ultrasonic probe for disintegrating concretions e.g. urinary calculus, in body cavities comprises a probe tube, ultrasonically vibrated in a longitudinal direction, having at one end a tubular impact element loosely coupled to it in the direction of vibration. The impact element is provided on it ...

Horowitz Irving: Pay television system. Teleglobe Pay TV System, Striker Michael S, July 16, 1974: US3824332 (124 worldwide citation)

Reference pulses of opposite polarity to the horizontal sync pulses are added to the composite television signal just preceeding each horizontal sync pulse. The video portion of the signal is inverted for randomly selected fields. Coding bursts are added to the composite signal to indicate whether s ...

French Richard Charles: Privacy transmission system. US Philips Corporation, Trifari Frank R, Cohen Simon L, July 16, 1974: US3824467 (107 worldwide citation)

A selector switching system and a number of memory devices, each capable of storing one time element of a voice transmission signal and simultaneously releasing a stored time element, which form an encoder and decoder for a transmission system, where a voice transmission signal is divided into conse ...

Parel Jean Marie: Cryogenic apparatus. The University of Melbourne, Dennison Dennison Townshend & Meserole, July 16, 1974: US3823575 (103 worldwide citation)

A cryogenic apparatus is disclosed for use in biological sciences having automated controls and using the Joule-Thomson effect. A supply of gas flows to a control unit which includes a solenoid gas valve. If the gas pressure and flow rate are within acceptable limits, the valve will permit flow from ...

Tromovitch Theodore A: Portable cryosurgical apparatus. Hill Robert Charles, July 16, 1974: US3823718 (89 worldwide citation)

This invention relates to cryosurgery, and more particularly to the delivery and application of liquified gas coolant to living tissue in order to necrotize the same.

Carpenter Larry L: Method of forming light focusing fiber waveguide. Corning Glass Works, Zebrowski Walter S, Patty Jr Clarence R, July 16, 1974: US3823995 (81 worldwide citation)

A method of forming an article such as a light focusing fiber waveguide by applying to a substantially cylindrical starting member a plurality of layers of material, each layer having a progressively lower index of refraction. The assembly so formed is heated and drawn to reduce the cross-sectional ...

Brain Alfred E: System for differential particle counting. American Express Investment Management Company, July 16, 1974: US3824393 (76 worldwide citation)

A system for differentiating and counting particles and in particular nucleated particles such as white blood cells. The presence in the field of view of a particle of the type to be differentiated and counted is detected and an image of the field scanned by a television camera. An analog to digital ...

Cummings Clinton M: Finger operated forceps type surgical instrument. Acme United Corporation, Mattern Ware and Davis, July 16, 1974: US3823719 (76 worldwide citation)

An inexpensive and efficient clamp type surgical instrument which is comfortable to use and eliminates excessive pressure at the jaws of the instrument is produced by incorporating heel and shoulder stops and open finger gripping loops having a return curve portion between the normal finger gripping ...

Querci Carlo, Zucchinali Carlo: Connection device for dipper or ripper teeth, particularly for two-piece teeth of a dipper. Italsider, Fasse W G, July 16, 1974: US3823496 (76 worldwide citation)

The present invention includes means, in dipper or ripper teeth and particularly in the two-piece teeth of a dipper, for inhibiting the shoe from separating from the tooth, without any need for another element in the connection element for preventing said connection element from falling out. Further ...

Zenkner Kurt, Kozel Franz, Thomsen Heike: Radial blower, especially for oil burners. Punker Apparatebau und Warmetechnik, Becker Walter, July 16, 1974: US3824028 (74 worldwide citation)

A radial blade fan for use in connection with burners, in which a fan rotor is surrounded by a volute casing so as to form a gap therewith and has a blade exit angle of at least 90.degree. while the volute housing has an inlet nozzle, said nozzle and the axis of said rotor being so located relative ...