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Intractable pain that is transmitted by the spinal cord and sensed by the human body is suppressed by implanting an electrode carrying device near a nerve bundle in the spinal cord. The device is constructed of an electrical insulating substance inert to the body fluids and tissue and carries electr ...

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The specification discloses an air mattress consisting of a number of cells each having a surface which supports a user formed from a material which is gas permeable but is non-permeable to liquids and solids. An air supply is provided for inflating the cells to the required pressure.

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An improved separator of the type having a cylindrical vessel, a feed tube extending into the vessel normal to its axis, an axial discharge tube and a first plate mounted perpendicular to the vessel axis under the axial discharge tube. To avoid undue wear on the separator bottom, a second plate is m ...

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An unrestricted passage is provided through a piercing device; therefore, when the device pierces a stopper of a bottle containing intravenous solution, additives may be injected into the bottle or a portion of the liquid in the bottle may be withdrawn through the unrestricted passage. The unrestric ...

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A hollow member for a shoe which includes a recessed construction so that as the user walks a cushioned effect is provided.

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An integral one piece flow control assembly is described having a hollow cylindrical main body defining a passage therethrough and a pair of lip members extending inwardly and longitudinally of said main body to a terminal end for controlling the flow through the passage. The lip members have a peri ...

Guy Richard E: Powered air-purifying respirator helmet. July 9, 1974: US3822698 (73 worldwide citation)

A helmet or hat equipped with a built-in powered air blower and air filtering system which removes contaminants from the surrounding air and continuously delivers the purified air under positive pressure to an area between the wearers face and a fitted transparent face shield supported from the viso ...

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A rotary kiln formed by a plurality of pipes joined to define an inner cylindrical surface and being interconnected to permit water flow through the pipes. Water from the pipes is circulated to a steam drum for steam removal. The pipes are joined so as to define a plurality of intermediate openings ...

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An exercising device comprising a handle pivotally mounted on a frame with a hydraulic system connected to the handle to exert a regulated force restraining movement of the handle. The hydraulic system comprises a hydraulic cylinder, a reservoir, a valve arranged to prevent movement of the handle un ...

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A magnetic head assembly is disclosed for transducing information upon a relatively moving magnetic recording surface while flying thereover and that starts and stops in contact with the recording surface. The assembly comprises a magnetic slider body including three downwardly depending longitudina ...