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A surgical stapling instrument for applying sterilized staples to the disunited skin or fascia of a patient in order to effect a joining of the skin or fascia. The instrument is adapted to associate with a staple-carrying cartridge having a plurality of staples therein. The instrument is manually po ...

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A mandrel for swaging and thereby expanding a collapsed oil well or similar casing to restore the same to its original size and form, the mandrel having a mandrel body formed to have successively smaller cylindrical portions in which are provided groups of conduit-swaging balls in circular arrangeme ...

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A cleansing composition comprising a soap or detergent base in which substantially completely hydrolyzed water-soluble polyvinyl alcohol particles are uniformly dispersed therein to form a composition which imparts a mild abrasive action found especially useful in cleansing the skin.

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Medical prosthesis for ducts or conduits and method of manufacture. An exemplary embodiment is an arteriovenous shunt having a cannula terminated in a funnel in which the interior included angle ranges from 15.degree. - 30.degree.. The funnel is of an implantable, resilient silicone rubber into whic ...

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A light emitting diode comprising a first layer of gallium nitride, a second, substantially intrinsic layer of magnesium doped gallium nitride forming a junction therewith, a metallic rectifying contact to the second layer, an ohmic contact to the first layer, and means for applying a voltage across ...

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Defective or unwanted tissue is removed such as from the lens of an eye directing a pulsating high velocity liquid jet onto the defecting tissue to disintegrate the tissue and sucking the liquid entraining the disintegrated tissue from the area adjacent the tissue by a suction conduit. Upon clogging ...

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In a known method of transmitting the sound signal associated with a television signal, the sound signal occurring during a field is stored and, subsequently to the video signal, transmitted in time-compressed form during the period of a line in the vertical blanking interval. At the place of recept ...

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An electronic automatic roulette game having a simulated number cup and a simulated revolving ball. A game board includes a plurality of numbers corresponding to the numbers on the cup and further subdivided into various color fields and high and low number groups any of which a player can bet a sta ...

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A semiconductor device which utilizes the mobility of charge in depletion regions created at the surface of a semiconductor body to transmit information and which comprises an electrode array deposited on the surface of a semiconductor body of a single type conductivity so that two out of phase elec ...

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An artificial hip-joint, wherein an endoprosthesis of the patient's acetabulum is hinged to an endoprosthesis of the proximal end of the patient's femur by way of an insertion piece. The height of the cavity defined by the interior spherical surface of the insertion piece is greater than the radius, ...