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A prosthetic knee joint device comprises a femoral component in the form of a shell member having two condylar portions with major convex bearing surfaces areas, which portions are bridged at one end by a portion defining a trough between the convex areas. An associated tibial component has similar ...

Larraburu Philippe M: Manually operated lamphouse. Pastoriza & Kelly, June 18, 1974: US3818216 (135 worldwide citation)

A manually operated lamphouse for providing light color control and intensity for improving, the quality of negative films in printing, for example, includes a broad spectrum tungsten lamp the intensity of which is manually controllable. Dichroic mirrors are utilized to separate the broad spectrum o ...

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C.sub.12- C.sub.14 isoparaffinic hydrocarbon fractions are effective skin lubricants and cosmetic formulation constituents. The paraffinic oils possess a unique combination of properties, namely, low viscosity, moderate volatility, plus the ability to disperse dyes and/or pigments. Typically, the is ...

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A transcutaneous stimulator for stimulating portions of the body. The output of the stimulator is a stimulating pulse having frequency components falling within predetermined frequency band limits so as to optimally excite touch nerve fibres relative to nociceptor or pain receptor nerve fibres.

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A method and apparatus for monitoring the utilization and performance of a general purpose digital computer without affecting operation of the computer itself, in which the monitor responds to a change in the operative state of the computer to capture the contents of certain status registers and loc ...

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A cannula is provided for laparoscopy, which cannula includes an adjustable cone-shaped sleeve for blocking the incisional gap and maintaining the pneumoperitoneum. The cannula also includes a pair of hooks for receiving a suture to maintain the cannula in place with respect to the patient's abdomen ...

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This invention relates to the imaging device in which a spatial picture corresponding to an original picture is reproduced from a time-sequence video-signal corresponding to said original picture. Said device comprises means with which an acoustic wave propagated through an acousto-optic medium such ...

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Apparatus for the cooling of high power type semiconductor elements, especially thyristors in electrically powered vehicles, has one or more bubble pumps which are placed into direct heat-exchanging contact with a semiconductor element and are connected with the vessel of a liquid-collecting vapor s ...

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Novel 2',3'-unsaturated nucleosides and 2',3'-dideoxy nucleosides and generic methods of preparing such compounds. The methods are characterized by the step of treating a 2'- or 3'-halonucleoside with chromous ion under reactive conditions. The novel 2',3'-unsaturated nucleosides are useful as inter ...

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A technique for shielding R.F. circuitry is disclosed wherein thin metal strips are formed by chemical etching, and include bend or fold grooves similarly etched, the strips being bent into the desired configuration at the time of assembly. Printed circuit boards with the components all on one side ...