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A pneumatically operated intraocular surgery apparatus which is of very light weight and small size, the part inserted into the eye having a diameter of 1 mm. or less. One embodiment of the invention employs a high frequency electric current electrode for cutting or severing vitreous or other materi ...

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The feature vectors of a sequence representative of a first pattern are correlated to those in another sequence representative of a second pattern in such a manner that the normalized sum of the quantities representative of the similarity between each feature vector of a sequence and at least one fe ...

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A surgical instrument for applying sterilized staples from a disposable staple-carrying cartridge to the disunited skin of a patient in order to effect a joining of the skin. The instrument consists of an anvil adapted to lie flush with the skin, a disposable cartridge housing a plurality of staples ...

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A curved piezoelectric element comprises at least one piezoelectric piece of sheet formed into a wave shape which deforms when a voltage is applied thereto. The wave shape of the piezoelectric piece comprises essentially at least two half-waves connected contiguously and consecutively in one body.

Meyer Alvin H: Snap-on adjustable sliding clip for shelf partitions. Jeandron Howard T, June 11, 1974: US3815519 (98 worldwide citation)

A shelf rail afixed to the front of gondola shelves and provided with slidably supported spring clips, said spring clips slidably inserted in flexible divider rails to hold them at right angles to the shelve rails and stiff grocery divider partitions that are attachable to any one of the divider rai ...

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An improved system for offshore drilling is disclosed which is particularly useful in those operations where a floating vessel is situated at the surface of a body of water and circulation of drilling fluid is accomplished by introducing drilling fluid into a drill string extending from the vessel i ...

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A system is disclosed for clipping three-dimensional polygons for use in a computer-graphics display. The system removes from each polygon all parts that lie outside an arbitrary, plane-faced, convex polyhedron, e.g. a truncated pyramid defining a viewing volume. The polygon is defined by data repre ...

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The apparatus detects contraction of muscles of living animals, the contraction causing an elastomer body whose impedance changes when flexed, positioned adjacent muscle to flex when the contraction occurs. When a bias voltage is applied to the elastomer body, any change in impedance is readily dete ...

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In a dual battery system for an internal combustion engine, as used in a vehicle or the like, wherein an auxiliary battery is connected in series with a service battery to provide a high battery voltage for a starter circuit, a charging means is provided for charging both the service battery and the ...

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An improved device for measuring the opacity of gases has been disclosed which utilizes a photoelectric optical system and an orthogonally positioned Venturi tube to monitor the opacity of gases.