Ganderton David, McAinsh James, Varney Gordon: Dressing. Imperial Chemical, Cushman Darby & Cushman, June 4, 1974: US3814097 (186 worldwide citation)

A dressing for administering a drug through the skin of a host comprising a reservoir for the drug and, located between the reservoir and the skin of the host when the dressing is in use, a pad provided with tiny spikes. These tiny spikes augment the absorption of the drug without causing irritation ...

Winquist S William: Symbolically reinforced golf club head. Haefliger William W, June 4, 1974: US3814437 (153 worldwide citation)

The recessed back side of a golf club head is provided with integral monogram ribbing in such manner as to aid the play of both high and low handicap players.

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Disposable absorbent articles are disclosed which include a topsheet of non-fibrous hydrophobic film having a plurality of valvular openings therein and a system of depressed areas disposed across the surface of the topsheet. The openings readily permit flow of liquid in the direction of the absorbe ...

Lubens Herman Michael: Occlusively applied anesthetic patch. Biebel French & Bugg, June 4, 1974: US3814095 (135 worldwide citation)

An adhesively applied patch for topical application to intact skin for producing effective anesthesia for varying amounts of time depending upon the extent of time the patch is applied. The patch includes an occlusive member mounted on an adhesive backing, the topical anesthetic agent being on a gau ...

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Spools or partitioning assemblies, utilized with rigid tubular containers (adapted to serve as fluid specimen collection or fluid-retaining tubes), for effecting either the physical or the complete physical and chemical partitioning of the heavier fluid phase from the lighter fluid phase of a centri ...

Chapa Hector: Medical examination table. Robertson John A, June 4, 1974: US3814414 (125 worldwide citation)

A medical examination table intended primarily for X-ray examinations, and comprising a movable base and a table proper movable vertically relative thereto. The table proper comprises a main frame, and an extensible section. The main frame is supported at each end from the base by an hydraulically a ...

Kerr Bruce Goring: Two threshold level detector using a capacitive or inductive probe for sorting. Goring Kerr, Laubscher Lawrence E, June 4, 1974: US3815021 (116 worldwide citation)

The specification discloses apparatus for sorting a succession of objects which are passed through a probe on a conveyor. The probes comprise one or two capacitors or inductances whose impedances are varied by the objects passing through. The probe is included in an a.c. bridge circuit whose output ...

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A transvenous unipolar electrode for permanent pacing of the heart with protruding wire hooks to fix it to the myocardium with an electrode tip comprising a hollow cylinder, in which a bolt, bearing the wire hooks is movable with the aid of a stylet within the hollow electrode from one end position, ...

Jones William M: Motor control apparatus adapted for use with a motorized vehicle. Cleveland Machine Controls, June 4, 1974: US3814199 (95 worldwide citation)

Motor control system for controlling both direction and speed of a DC motor. The system is particularly applicable for controlling direction and speed of a pair of DC reversible motors which independently drive spaced apart wheels on a vehicle, such as a motorized wheelchair. Motor speed is controll ...

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A file drawer is modified by the addition of a follower block which is inserted in the middle of a stack of cards, files, documents or other thin file pieces resting on edge in the drawer, and a longitudinal slide running along a tract and mounting the follower block on the slide via a pivotable hin ...